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Lil Bro's NS journey: OCS Family Day

Lil bro entered OCS (Officer Cadets School) after his Passing Out Parade (POP) a few weeks later. He will have to undergo 38 weeks of training course in his path of becoming an officer. Before the intensive training starts, family members were invited for a family day at OCS - for us to visit the cadets and the place where they called their 2nd home (for now).
 A long journey from North to West - all over to the other side of the island. 
Entering SAFTI, the military training institution for officers of all ranks. I was hoping to bump into a couple of cool officers from the Singapore Air Force, lol!
Chartered bus bringing in family members from the various train stations. 
 The official pass to gaining us entry into SAFTI. 
There are a total of 12 wings within OCS, inclusive of tri-service wings. They are Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, Sierra, Tango, Mids and Air. Mids and Air Wings are for the Navy and Air Force officers cadets respectively. 
 with the "outsourced" mascot that was placed along the roads, directing family members to the right destination.
Even though lil bro is with the Navy, he had to be housed in Delta wing first as it was compulsory for all cadets (regardless of service) to go through 2 weeks of Common Leadership Module. 
We had to registered ourselves @ the booth. The officers will then announce, through the PA system, asking the cadets to come down to welcome his family. Lil bro came down and took us up to his bunk, where he shared with another cadet.
Wa, looking neat & tidy. Upon entering, I just assumed that lil bro's bed is the one near the door and put my stuff on the bed. He gasped in horror, saying that:
1. I nv ask whose bed and just anyhow put my stuff. 
2. Later he needs to re-make his bed cuz the sheets are not pulled tightly enough.
Chey, turned out that my assumption is correct & yes, he had to re-do his bed, lol!  
Now, no one dare to sit on his bed with him guarding by the side.  
Leecher always say lil bro & me bears a resemblance. We always give the same "where-got" & rolls eyes expression in reply.
Don't they look alike? His bunk mate even called me "Da Jie", lol! 
His bunk is really tidy, but I can't say the same for his bedroom at home. Totally 一个天,地.
We then proceeded to tour the rest of the compound together. 5892610589959349010
Wow, they even have a template for reporting *chuckles*
Lil bro took us to MIDS wing, where he will be posted to after completion on the first part of the course.
A lil tour around the area & lil bro gave us a brief introduction on where he usually eats, rest, study & exercise. 
During the course of Common Leadership module, the newly inducted officer cadets are introduced to SAF leadership framework & core values, before they are streamed to army, navy or air force subsequently. The end of this module is marked by a solemn initiation ceremony in SAFTI MI's ceremonial hall, to officially mark the new officer cadet's formal entry to OCS. Lil bro went through the ceremony in the morning, before we arrived at the school.   
 OK, we purposely let him pose in front of the building, so I can send it across to mummy dearest, lol!
 Now then I realised that both Leecher & lil bro are wearing similar specs.
Walking through the parade square.
The famous tower within SAFTI.
This 60m three-sided structure is symbolic of the tri-service character of SAFTI.5892657725791076578 
 The long queue waiting for the lift to head up to the tower. Alternatively, if you are in the mood for some exerise, you can climb up 265 steps, which symbolise the number of days that a cadet has to go through in OCS before commissioning day.
The Merdeka Lions, which were commissioned by the Public Works Department in 1955 during the construction of the new bridge across Kallang River. These lions were then transferred to SAFTI in 1987.
You get a clear view of what our army boys are protecting from the top. Lil brother pointed out the various locations that he has been and shared with us his experiences.
A quick snack of pastries and bread before we went off to visit more places.

The greenery surroundings which can be seen all over the campus.
Last pics before we called it a day & lil bro had to return back to his duties. 

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