Sunday, July 7, 2013

Honeymoon: Departure to Amsterdam

Finally, our honeymoon series *confetti in the air*. I'm guilty to say that I have taken a long time to sort out the pictures & archived them in my folders. The year flew by so quickly that I'm missing the place as I typed out the entries. The food, the picturesque scenery, the cheap but good wine and so much more. Our initial honeymoon location was Santorini, but due to riots during that period of time, we had to change location to elsewhere. It was a rather last minute decision to go on this trip, we only booked the tickets in late March. We were busy with work and didn't have time to sit down and plan the itinerary properly till 2 weeks before the trip. It was a mad rush trying to book for accommodations & train tickets. Nevertheless, we packed our bags on the day of departure and embarked on our honeymoon journey :)
Checking in our bags for the trip. Pack as light as possible (more rooms for our my purchases!) 
Still in the midst of grasping the functionality of the new camera. No make-up face for the 14 hours journey. Didn't want to wake up to smudged eyeliner, lol! 
  The mandatory pose in front of the departure gate, lol! Must wave passport to complete the picture.
Once we took enough pics, time to find food to curb the hunger pangs.
Decided to have chinese food, since we'll be having western food for the next 14 days.
Last min check on the weather in Amsterdam & Paris.
 Walking shoes/boots for the journey.

 Boarding gate @ B1.
 Practicing our 自拍 to pass time.
 Soon, it was time for boarding. Overnight flights tend to be full, so we can't have a full row to ourselves.
14h of non-stop journey to Amsterdam. While I was meeting my pals in lala-land, occassionally waking up for meals + toilet breaks, Leecher was up all night catching up on movies on in-flight entertainment system. He always lament that I deprived him of movies, since I'm not a movie-goer. 
 Breakfast on-board the flight. Boy, I was so hungry when Leecher nudged me up from my sleep.
See lah, someone looked so sleepy after only a couple of hours of sleep. I felt so refreshed & was all ready to start my day!

Touching down soon *excited*

1st glimpse of Amsterdam. Couldn't get a proper shot as I was sitting in the middle seat :(
Let the journey begin!

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