Friday, October 29, 2010

The Annual Event

Every year, we will have an event for our clients, where they will pit their skills against one another to win the trophy!

The mega trophy only for the champion team, sourced by yours truly :)

John getting all set for the event, armed with his drink.

Leecher came over to have some fun too :)

Kaijie & Leecher getting ready to pit their skills against each other.

Can see that he's all set to start clearing the table.

Caught in action!

Big boss Richard changed his schedule & flew in from Tokyo, so he can be at the event as well.

Pictures in b/w games :)

When all the pool tables were fully occupied, the guys entertained themselves with soccer. Seriously, I have never seen the guys behave like boys before!

Richard was threatening to confiscate dent dent after this picture, cuz I made him took tons of pictures :) To quote him "I've never taken so many pictures in one night, thanks to young Caihong"

Kudos to the team for organising this event! We all played our part and definitely had lots of fun that night :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Palm Beach

One of the many pre-farewell meals we had before Gavin left for London. Had a hard time trying to book a table at Palm Beach.

Just look at the crowd. I think it just so happened that National Day was just round the corner and everyone was here to catch the fireworks from the rehearsals.

Interesting decoration. I wonder if the plants are real or fake...

Their table snack of deep-fried anchovies instead of the normal peanuts. I'm surprised that they sprinkle icing sugar on them making it a sweet dish instead of the usual savoury version.

Sambal kangkong as starter. I quite like their version, very fragrant and spicy. The vegetables still retained their crunch even though they had fully absorbed the flavour of the sauce.

The main star... Good old chilli crab. I find their version a tad sweeter than normal. Could have been better if it was spicier.

I like their mantou though. Just the right size and not oily at all.

The must order dish for the night goes to their Cheesy Baked Crab. This was really god-send. I will definitely come back here again for this dish.

As always, forgot to take the pic with food on the table. I bet Gavin will miss the crabs.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Keys & Doors on 20.10.2010

3 years ago, we sealed our fate on the dotted line when we purchase our love nest in Punggol.

Fast forward to 3 years later ..... we've gotten our keys & it's door opening day on 20.10.2010 :)

Tadah! Reached the place early to wait for the auspicious timing!

Uncle & Auntie came with us to bless our new house! Checking the gas & water pipes outside the corridor.

It's time to open the metal gate @ 8am.

While we kicked open the main door at 8.08am .... HUAT AR!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival 2010

Can't believe another year has passed since my last post on mid-autumn festival. As usual, time to pick out mooncakes to be delivered to my clients :)

Double yolk mooncakes from Goodwood Park Hotel. We had to deliver 34 boxes of mooncakes within 3 days to all our clients ... Fortunately, I only do this once a year :)

Raffles Hotel Snow-Skin mooncake with Champagne Truffle & Ganache, courtesy of Leecher! The must-have in my house for the 3rd year running! I even banned LWK from touching the mooncakes till I get to eat it, but Mummy dearest's mandate overwrote my orders :(

Peony Jade's Mao Shan Wang durian mooncakes, which was sold out in 2009. Bought 2 mooncakes to try out with the family. Squashy mooncakes, but the durian lovers were all praises for it.

The red jade box opened up to reveal 4 Peony Jade's Teochew Yam Paste Mooncakes for the great granny! I had a hard time finding the mooncakes as it was sold out at their booths in Raffles Place & AMK Hub. Finally, one fine day, I caught the deliveryman making his delivery at the booth & immediately proceeded to order 1 box! Lucky me :)

Let's wait till yr 2011 mid-autumn festival & indulge in more mooncakes!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Overeasy & Max Bernner

The usual meet up with FMQ! Being the foodie, I will always rely on her to recommend interesting places to eat - she's like my walking foodipedia! This time round, the hangout place is at Overeasy.

"When the going gets tough, the tough go easy" that's the slogan behind this refreshing and vibrant modern bar concept that blurs the line b/w dining and drinking. Overeasy shared the same management as Loof & White Rabbit, was actually a collaboration with butter factory as well.

Bar, where cards are on the tab & bartenders are busy mixing drinks once after another.

Set menu placed on each table - but that was not what we came for ~

1-for-1 house pour. Wine was not chilled & glasses were not wiped clean. Major no no!

Chicken wings with special sauce and ranch dressing which tasted like oversized McWings!

To die-for-burger seems like a must-order item. Homemade bun, freshly ground chunk & special overeasy sauce.

This is what we came for! Yummy mini burgers that costs $1 if STI closes lower for the day. Talk about mixing finance with marketing - kudos to the marketing team!

3 very satisfied people, waiting to polish off the desserts that just arrived!

Girls always have a separate stomach for desserts, no matter how full we claimed ... so here comes Blueberry Dessert Pancakes Hot off the Griddle. Fluffy pancakes topped with blueberry & strawberry compote, yummy!

Since the night is still young, we adjourned to Max Bernner @ Esplanade for more catching up!

The place is still full of patrons even though it already ten.

The legendary hug mug, a specially designed mug for the chocolate drinking ceremony. The mug is shaped particularly for hugging in both hands, creating the ultimate drinking experience of warmth, coziness and fragrance.

White & Dark chocolate drinks that comes with crunchy wafer balls. FMQ had to brave having a breakout just to try the crunchy wafer balls, which Leecher termed as worth-the-breakout. Overall, the drinks were too sweet for our liking. The cuteness of the hug mugs scored a point though :)

PS: 2nd visit to Overeasy can be read here
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