Saturday, January 30, 2010

Christmas 2009

A belated post. We had our first Christmas gathering at HQ's place.

A group photo of everyone present. New addition to the group, Gav's partner, Jac. Too bad Josh got something on and couldn't join us. U missed out man! (guffaw...)

Our gifts for the exchange. Mine's in orange wrappings courtesy of Blamer.

What's a better way to create the festivity at home than to have presents under the Christmas tree! Kudos to HQ!

Digging in to our potluck Christmas spread.

After dinner, HQ suggested playing the Pictionary Man set he bought. Something like win-lose-or-draw, just that the drawing board was replaced by the man. Brought us lotsa fun and laughter, would have been better if it's the Singaporean version as some of the American themes were like Greek to us.

After some more booze and snacking, it's time for the great gift exchange! Zg got Gav's present.

Mine went to Gav.

Zg's to Ray

Ray's to HQ

And finally, HQ's to me.

And everyone started ripping open their presents!

Seems that everyone got theirs out of their wrappings except me... ...

Still ripping... ....

And ripping... ....

Guess what came out from that BIG box??

Turns out that Zg got the most entertaining present of the night.

All of us took turns to play with Zg's present with Ray being the popular target practice. Should have bought more "weapons" so that we could do something like this:

Great epic battle!

Next up, cake cutting. Log cake courtesy of Ray.

Need to thank our wonderful hosts. Hq and his lovely wife.

With a game of 终级密码 and the forfeit was goofing down 8 potato balls in one go.

Till today I never knew that my capacity was so limited... ...

We increased the forfeit to 10, but HQ seems to be accommodating it well. Guess now we know who got the biggest gap. Hee hee hee...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Loving it

This arrived sooner than expected! A great start to a wonderful weekend :)

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prawning with AF guys

23 Dec 2009 marked the start of the Xmas countdown, which the only thing I can recall was being deprived of sleep all the way till New Year 2010.

Yunfa organised a prawning session and we assembled at 11pm @ Bishan, without him as he ended up sick, haha. Leecher guided us (thank god for CLEAR directions from Roger and Leecher noting word-for-word in his Iphone) to the super ulu place for prawning.

The place was pretty crowded even though it was midnight on Wed night.

Leecher was uber excited, as it was his first attempt in prawning.

The props needed for a good harvest later :)

All set up and ready to go! We decided to have a competition to see who would be the champion in prawning.

Due to beginner's luck, Leecher caught his maiden prawn 10 min later.

This prawn managed to escape its fate of ending up in our stomachs, as Leecher decided to throw it back into the pond.

Yeah! I was initially bored with the waiting and was playing with my Iphone when Winston saw a tug. Pulled it up and woolah - the prawn that I have been waiting for!

Scoreboard as of 2.45am, 24 Dec 2009:

Winston/Chuanyew: 2
Leecher: 2 (1 thrown back into pool)
Yen: 0
Me: 3

Yen finally caught his prawn 5 min before we had to hand over our rods to the counter; spot the relief look on his face :)

Our harvest for the night

Preparing to BBQ the prawns on the spot

Yen, the great chef, had the honour of poking the satay sticks into the prawns *ouch*

Yen decided to teach Leecher a few tricks on BBQ-ing prawns.

The final product; which were not enough to feed our hungry stomachs that we ended up @ Jalan Kayu for prata at 4.30am in the morning. I was pleasantly surprised to bump into dear Kenneth! We finally parted ways at 5.45am while we rushed home to get ready for work & another day of celebration. My official start of a 40hr non-sleep day ....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pandora Box Opening

22 Dec 2009 marked the opening of Pandora Box's expansion @ Cineleisure.

How can we miss the event?

With Big Boss, Kenneth. The expanded area of his shop boosts a collection of clothes & bags for the ladies. So all the female readers, be sure to check out his store. Sweet Kenneth even asked me to pick a piece as my bdae present!

My lovely dress nicely wrapped in the carrier :) Thank you Kenneth!

Headed down to another burger outlet for dinner. The burger paled in comparison to HandBurger, but I can't stop nibbling at their chips. They are so addictive!

We were treated to complimentary gelato as well, yummy!
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