Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bolt The Movie

{another super overdue post} Another complimentary movie for the year, courtesy of JP Morgan :) Leecher called me urgently (4 missed calls when I was on the phone with client) on a Friday evening, asking if I am interested to watch a movie ....

Leecher: Yoz, you wanna watch movie later?
Me: *surprised* wow, you gg to book the tickets?
Leecher: I already did
Me: *surprised x 2* cool ~ what are we watching?
Leecher: Bolt
Me: Bolt? Why?
Leecher: Cuz it's FREE!!!
Me: ..........

For a spilt second, I thought Leecher really went to book tickets for a movie date with me. Well, since the tickets are complimentary, so we shouldn't waste it, hahaa ....

So, off we went to The Cathay :)

{going to make a suaku-ish statement} Since I nv been to the Cathay before, must take a picture to leave my footprints, hahaha

Can't believe its almost Xmas time - another year has gone by, so fast ....

Another 35 mins to the start of the movie, thus, we grabbed a quick bite @ Hotdog Factory

Yummy ~ I think food always taste good when sharing it with Leecher :P

Our tickets + a set of popcorn & drink

We met the organiser on the way up the escalator and he gave us another ticket to redeem 1 more combo set, yeah! So we ended up with 2 sets, yum yum.

Leecher with the free tickets ....

me with the caramel popcorns ....

Bolt the movie was quite entertaining, even better than I expected. I lost count of the number of times whereby the 2 of us burst out laughing at our fave character

Tadah! Bolt's no.1 fan - the hamster!

Even Leecher wants to pose with it, hahaha ... Don't you think the 2 of them share something in common? Wa ha ha ha ha

Our happy 4th movie date of the year :)

Friday, December 26, 2008


My very enthusiastic IT colleagues trying to show off their artistic talent ....

Anyone wanna sponsor art lessons for them? Wa ha ha :P

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jetting off to KL

{Long overdue post} Was in KL for 2D1N for business (with my usual travelling mate, Rinta) before jetting off to Hong Kong with Leecher. As usual, going to KL means that I have to wake up at 4am in the morning to catch the 7am flight :( Cabbing to the airport usually costs a bomb for me ...

Making my way to the check-in counter...not much tourists? First sign on recession? Ha ha

From my previous KL trip experience, no snacks will be served on board. No breakfast = Grumpy Caihong. Thus, went over to grab an almond croissant @ Robert's Coffee.

Arrival in KL ~ Did Xmas come early in Malaysia? The usual wait for the skytrain @ the arrival gates. Crowded morning traffic ... some of them just came in their business suits & a laptop bag, cool ~

The hotel limo was kinda expensive, so we took the airport taxi instead. The driver yanking over the phone/transmitter as soon as we boarded the cab all the way to the hotel.

A failed attempt at capturing a shot of the Twin Tower :(

Staying @ JW Marriott Hotel, same as my previous trip.

Empty lobby, since it was only 9 plus in the morning *yawn*

As our rooms were not ready yet, we went to the Marriott Poolside cafe to have our breakfast.

Quite a spread to choose from, though it paled in comparison with The Taj in Mumbai. The chef mistook me for a Jap (again) when I was taking pictures of the food. He gamely posed for a shot with his dough, heehee.

Tucking in ~ Love the butter taste of the croissant!

After a hearty breakfast, off to my room to get ready for the first meeting.

View from my window (I wished)~

It's always interesting to meet up with your clients and finally putting a face to the name. Nasty encounter with some of them, but shall not elaborate here.

Stopped by The Pavilion (like SG's Paragon) for lunch, since it's just opposite our hotel

Designing on the pavement outside the shopping mall ....

Finished product (taken @ night, of cuz)

Wow, 5-6th storey shopping complex, consisting of the high-end & middle-end brands all under one roof ...

They even have a car showroom inside the mall, impressive!

Our lunch was a chocolatey affair @ the Chocolate Lounge; of waffles, crepes and whipped cream... I did suffered from chocolate overdose later :)

Rinta's hot chocolate ~ which was heavenly, according to her :P

Nice chocolates on display *making a mental note to bring some back on my next trip*

4 meetings & a thunderstorm later ... I was famished. Dinnertime!

I think all these only cost $10-12 SGD, haha, so cheap! *cheap cheap*

Rinta's fren played host for the evening & brought us to an exciting place







Foot massage! Just what we needed after walking for hours :) Plus, I got mistaken for a Jap (for the Nth time) by the auntie who massaged my feet, haha. The massage was really relaxing and I almost fell asleep in that comfy chair.


Rise & shine! Another round of breakfast before rushing for the meeting.

4 hours of training; my brain cells got reduced by millions ( I suppose) by the repeated questions asked. I find myself repeating & repeating & repeating .... till I lost count. Lunch @ Carlos (Mexican restaurant)

I can't really remember what we ordered for lunch .... just a rough guess

Mushroom soup ...

Nacho combo ...

King of Prawns ...

Time to rush to the airport to catch our flight back!

Leecher said that he would come and fetch me from the airport; if time permits. When I landed in SG, he was still in the office. That asshole with his all-time-convenient-excuse: work leh ....

My goodies from this trip :) which my mother happily devoured while I was in HK, hahaha


Was on MSN with FMQ while blogging this post:

CaIhoNg...{counting down} says:
finally, finished my KL trip post, hahaa
minqian phoebe : loves my presents! says:
minqian phoebe : loves my presents! says:
that sounds like ancient
minqian phoebe : loves my presents! says:
CaIhoNg...{counting down} says:
haha, i went KL before i went HK
CaIhoNg...{counting down} says:
hahaa, ya, its damn ancient!

Get ready for more long overdue posts coming your way, haha ...

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