Saturday, May 30, 2009

Free Meal

Here we are at Bishan's Swensen, I queued for so long before we finally got a seat. So hungry!

Luckily, we are using Blamer's voucher, wa ha ha can just order watever we want. Never tried their salad before...

Woo and we have to toss the salad ourselves. Pouring in the sauce...

And who else but me to toss the salad... ...

HUAT AH! A bit like our lohei?

Yum Yum salad
Blamer ordered their hotdog, but disappointingly, it was a little cold and there's nothing really special about it.

I ordered the safer choice of seafood pasta, which was not too bad. Somehow, I think the quality of Swensen has been deteriorating, but heck since it's free!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stag Hunt

One fateful weekend, I organised a paintball session themed "The Hunt for the Stag" for my buddy HQ who is getting married in June.

Venue at Bottle Tree park opp Yishun Stadium. According to the web, this place houses the largest paintball arena in Singapore.

Here we are, getting briefed on the safety precautions and handling of the "weapon" Hmm shouldn't I be paying attention here???

After the briefing, we were given a glimpse of our "hunting ground" which is roughly the size of a soccer field.

Gavin being one of the taller guys, was checking out the cover. Looks like it's just of the right height.

Time to split into teams. Obviously, this is the red team, in case u are wondering, Gavin was wearing red shorts, ha ha, hence he qualified.

The za bu long team inclusive of the stag.

All geared up!

Hee hee hee, luckily the stag not on the same team as me, if not no excitement. wa ha ha.

Surprised to see Blamer? Don't be mistaken by her garang pose, she wayang only, however must pay tribute for she is doing another highly risky assignment.

She is our official combat Journalist photographer (since I'm the one blogging). But she still has to wear the mask to avoid injury.

Let the battle begin!

Tat's the red team, taking cover and firing away.

After one round of mad firing, must stick out the head to see if we hit the stag... ...

More action:

Oh ya, we can't play paintball by just blindly firing away right? The objective, get the purple brick amidst all flying paintballs. However, Raymond stumbled and he was shot down.

And at last, the stag is making his move... ...

Running for cover... ...

Taking position over the objective.

Here's me trying to take down the stag... ...

Dang! Missed. Need more space... ...

Sigh.. Looks like I din get the stag this time... ...

Got to try harder next time (runaway~)

However I did get Raymond in-between-the-eyes woohoo! It's like those hole-in-one experience!

At least, the stag gamely posed for a pic to fit the theme of the day!

A proper group pic to end the game.

Since we still have some leftover rounds, decided let our combat photographer have a go at the shooting range.

This is how the shooting range looks like. Targets are the hanging bottles.

Blamer managed to hit the target at her third shot. Not too bad hah, maybe next time she can join the us out in the field too.

Here's Zhiguang with a very pro pic. Does he resemble the SWAT?

Three words to sum it all up: Fun Fun Shack~

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shimbashi Soba @ Paragon

After weeks of tightening our belts amid the ongoing recession, Blamer and I decided to let our hair down and enjoy something sinful today.

Shimbashi Soba, I have been wanting to try out the soba here ever since the day I witnessed the chef preparing the soba "live" behind a glass panel. The restaurant cleverly installed a wheat miller beside the chef, showing you that the flour used was being freshly milled as well.

Blamer's set. She ordered the warm version of soba and her set came with assorted tempura, chicken kaarage and fried tofu.

That's Blamer giving the thumbs up for her set. Personally, I think the soba tasted better when cold.

My set. Cold soba with unagi, salmon sashimi and assorted tempura as well.

Noticed the wasabi. This was actually the first time I tasted wasabi freshly grated from the wasabi root. It is still mind numbing, however there's a slight fragrant to it that is missing in the paste form normally served at most restaurant. Man... I would not eat wasabi like I used to anymore.

Yup yup can't wait to sink my teeth into the cold soba. It's more chewy compared to Blamer's version which sort of disintegrates even without chewing. The cold version is more 'Q' (as most taiwanese like to put it) and you could actually taste the slight sweetness of the soba if you chew it slowly.

Since we have already spent so much, should end the meal with a nice Japanese dessert. Although the only thing Japanese about this dessert is the green tea flavoured rice cake hidden amidst the soybean powder.

Overall, thumbs up for the food fare. Damage to wallet is about SGD70++ inclusive of green tea served throughout the meal.
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