Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beijing Biz Trip May 2011 Day 5

Time to head home! Took a morning flight home, which meant that I was up by 4.30am.

My airport transfer, with my friendly driver who happened to be at the boot taking out my luggage.

The chinese culture - dragons :)

Checking my check-in row.

The sky train to immigration and gates to board the planes.

The pavilion to rest your tired legs.

Pic before boarding the plane! This pic was taken by a fellow Singaporean :)

Lunch onboard - not as nice though. The chicken was rather dry.

Home sweet home, with sandwiches and cakes to fill my growling stomach (from the lack of food onboard, lol)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Beijing Biz Trip May 2011 Day 4 P3

Owen had left for the airport early in the afternoon, while I stayed on for a meeting. Hence, I was left alone for the rest of the evening to venture out on my own.

Love the peace and quiet of the clubhouse, looking forward to another return :)

Wang Fu Jing street during late evening & night.

Bought local snacks for family and the sales people kept speaking to me in Korean and whispered amongst themselves in Chinese, thinking that I don't understand. They were shocked when I started talking in mandarin, lol!

2 bags full of goodies~

Back @ Da Dong again to try out more dishes!

The waiting crowd. I was told to be prepared to wait almost 45 mins for my table.

Didn't notice this tree previously, poor memory nowadays :(

Complimentary drinks while waiting for your table. If these are not enough, there's always the bar counter to rely on.

Framed awards/recognition decorating the walls.

Orange & mango + some alcohol, which tasted more like orange-mango juice instead of alcoholic drink.

Table layout

Oolong tea, to wash down the oiliness of peking duck later.

Slice, slice, slice

Bun & popiah, to wrap the peking duck.

With sweet sauce & cucumber ~

Pan-fried scallop. Love the twirled biscuit that came along with it - I had to resort to using my hands to break it apart into small pieces instead of making a din with my fork, knife and plate.

Foie Gras as my main :)

There was supposedly another dish but they missed out my order, so I had to cancel it. Well, that just gave me another reason to be back :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Beijing Biz Trip May 2011 Day 4 P2

The Beijing National Stadium, also known as 鸟巢, was built specially for the summer Olympics. The design, which orginated from the study of Chinese ceramics, implemented steel beams in order to hide supports for the retractable roof, giving the stadium the appearance of a bird's nest.

The stadium's design was able to cater to a capacity of 100,000 people. However, 9,000 were removed when they re-planned the sitting arrangement. 91,000 people was the capacity during the Olympic games and this figure was reduced to 80,000 when 11,000 temporary seats were removed after the games.

The stadium has since become a tourist attraction after the games, where you can pay an admission fee of 50 yuan.

Like the 5 Olympic Rings from which they draw their colour and inspiration. Fuwa served as the official mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympic games, carrying a message of friendship, peace and good wishes from China to children all over the world.

Despite the sunny weather, the wind was very strong that day and I wished that I had more layers of clothing on. I had to use all my force to push myself forward as I walked from one attraction to another.

The National Aquatics Centre, also known as Water Cube (水立方) is situated just opposite the National Studium. Despite its nickname, the building is not an actual cube, but a cuboid.

The driver told me that I should visit both the Water Cube and Bird's Nest at night, for a different experience, as both structures would glow under the various lighting - that, I'll save it for another trip, with Leecher if possible :)

The Olympic torch that was moved down from the top of the stadium, placed near the Ling Long Tower so visitors can see it up close.

Apparently, the 45 ton structure, measuring 105ft long and 40ft wide, require 800 cranes to move it.

As I walked out of the park, I saw peddlers still trying to sell the Olympic mascots to visitors, hoping to make a quick buck, 3 years after the games had ended.
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