Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Comex 2008

Hey hey, visited the Comex this year at Suntec 'cos Xiufeng wanted to get a printer. However, before tat, we visited Ichiban Boshi for lunch.

The waiter was kind enuf to offer to take a group photo for us. Must recommend him for the GEMS award, if it is still on.

For starters, we ordered some baked mushroom thingy, which was really delicious. Mushrooms were really succulent and the sauce although creamy, was light enuf such tat u dun get sick of it.

Blamer, trying to get on a diet, only ordered a Salmon Avocado handroll for herself. (In truth, she flew us kite and ate lunch oredi)

I ordered their hotplate hamburger steak set meal. But, I was quite disappointed with it, for it was too soft and squishy while I was hoping for a firmer texture. Also the sauce was a tad too salty for me.

Close-up on the hamburger steak

Roger ordered the soba and with Unagi rice bowl meal. At least, the soba tasted better than my steak.

Xiufeng went for Chicken Kaarage Udon. I always like their fried chicken.

And before we left the restaurant, Blamer forced me to take a "random full body pic" of her again. Noticed the girl in the background was spotting a similar blue colour dress. Hee hee, makes me wonder how would girls react if they were to bump into someone wearing exactly the same dress as them?

But the main highlight of the day was this! Me trying out wat it's like to be a F1 driver! In my opinion, feels just like playing Daytona. If it's the real thing, I would have crashed like dun know how many times.

On the way back, we bought some mini pau from Tanjong Rhu Pau! So cute.

This photo is just here so tat u can see how small the pau is. (ignore Blamer pls)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fave movie of the year - Wall-E

Caught 3 movies so far this year (complimentary across various sources :P, yeah!)

1. The Dark Knight was pretty exciting with super effects, cool gadgets and impressive acting (the late Heath Ledger as Joker truely deserves the little golden man)

2. The Mummy 3 was kinda crappy. No actions (or the lack of good action) & lame acting. Tried too hard to be funny. All the time, my head was going dizzy from the less-than-impressive effects. I should count my lucky stars that this was FOC, for I would have banged my head against the wall for wasting money on such a crappy show.

3. Wall - E. This has officially become my fave movie of the year, never mind that we still have another 3 months to close off the year. I saw the trailer for Wall-E while waiting for the screening of The Mummy 3 and told Leecher that I must watch this movie. So, on the day of release, I dragged Leecher to watch this movie :)

As we had to exchange our complimentary passes for tickets, we couldn't go through any online booking. So, poor me had to keep monitoring the online booking system of GV to make sure that we wont make a wasted trip. I am not going to sit at the first 2 rows for this movie. Heng, we managed to get pretty good seats, haha

We only had 20 mins for our dinner though :( Polished off the tim-sum and rushed to the cinema for our movie. 97 mins, enjoyed every single minute of it.

This movie was supposedly to be educating us about the environmental issues, but I was more captivated by the love that Wall-E has for Eve :) Simple and sweet, I can't recall the number of times that I go "awwwwww" in the cinema whenever Wall-E did something for Eve, be it taking care of her while she was "in coma", chasing her across the universe when he thought that she was being "kidnapped" , protecting her and helping her to accomplish her "mission". To Wall-E, all he ever wanted was to hold Eve's hand, which he sees it as a sign of love. Sometimes, love is just so simple & sweet, pure & innocent ....

Love it when Wall-E goes "Eeeeeee.....vvvvvvvv.......aaaaaaaaa". Wall-E only knows how to say Eve & directive (which is mission in Robot's lingo)

Ya, I am in love with the both of them.

I wanna get a Wall-E & Eve toy, anyone knows where to get it?

While I am smitten with Wall-E, Leecher thinks Eve is more chio, cuz she looks classier. So now, we have got imaginary bf & gf for ourselves, LOL

Sunday, September 14, 2008


It's FMQ's turn to lunch with us this time and Blamer chose to lunch at Superfamous located near OCBC building. Sheesh we forgot to take a pic of the restaurant.

Since FMQ was late, we had ample time to browse thru the menu.

Blamer decided to sneak a pic of my 秃头-ness while I'm deciding what to eat. Really got 秃头 meh?

Finally, FMQ arrived and we decide to swap partners for today. Me with FMQ.

Blamer with Yaozu

Oh and FMQ actually brought some goodies for Blamer only... ... so 偏心

My order: Chicken thigh in white wine sauce. Tender boneless chicken, yummy! But I like the garlic mash below the meat the best.

Mr Yaozu ordered the same dish as me + their capaccino I think. I ordered the tomato juice. By the way is it To-ma-to or To-me-to?

Blamer and FMQ both ordered their Wagyu Beef burger (their signature dish i think), dun really think their burger is unique but their wedges were superb.

Dessert time! FMQ and me picked one dessert each. She ordered the sticky date pudding with warm butterscotch, honey & fig ice cream.

My choice is tarte tartin of pear with vanilla ice cream. I like the pastry at the bottom of the pear the most and the honey & fig ice cream. Can't really stomach the date pudding though, poor FMQ got to finish the pudding herself.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Yeah yeah, today I finally got Blamer to visit Ajisen with me!

Can't remember the last time I ate at this restaurant with Blamer. Seems like they have changed their menu since. Took away lots of side dishes.

However, their Volcano ramen is still around.

See the super-duper volcano sauce on top of the char-siew? Even Blamer also can't take the spiciness of the sauce.

Since Blamer ordered their chef's recommendation, I decided to try something new... Pork Curry ramen:

Pieces of thinly sliced pork in curry base soup.

I have always like their ramen cos of their tasty soup base. However, Blamer said it's full of MSG and if I want to preserve my crown of glory, I shld stop eating this. Anyone know whether this is true?

Anyways, if u happen to visit this restaurant, always order the set meal cos it consists of a side dish to share with ur partner, while waiting for the noodles to be served (this usually takes a while) and a drink.

The fried chicken wing and tofu side was not too bad.

I can't really remember the name for this one. But it is so-so only.

And of cos must end with a photo of Blamer. Who's more cute? The Ajisen girl or Blamer?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Councillors unite!

If I ever had to choose a phrase during my schooling "career" that I have the fondest memories of, it will definitely be my secondary school days ... there's where I found 2 batches of my dearest friends that I will remember for life :)

Besides my brothers-and-sisters gang (which i think you guys should be familiar with by now), there's the Councillor gang that we still meet up (though not that frequent nowadays). However, we did the impossible ...... we managed to meet up 2 times within a month (gasp! that's an achievement for us!) ... we should present an award for ourselves ma, hahaa!

1st stop @ MacDonald's

Wow, been quite a while since I ate at Mac .... decided on this place since Lot 1 is really getting crowded and New York New York forever has a freaking long queue

Nuggets & McWings, hahahaa .... this is my first time eating McWings leh, opps .. did I just make another sua-ku-ish statement?

Wanling aka Ms Foo :)

Lame attempt at posting with the Mac meal, hahaa

JinHan who "rushed" down from his workplace to join us *so touched* oh, he wants to be "mama-san" and is currently recruiting members. Interested parties, kindly leave a tag on my tagboard :)

*JH: don't say I nv help you to "advistise" hor, wa ha ha*

Talked a lot about the old times, haha ... the silly stuffs that we used to do in school/councillor room, haha .. gosh, can't believe 10 years have gone by just like that ...

Looks funny rite, posing with the McCafe logo, but heck lah ... lao-niang likes it can liaoz :)

We even forced JH to look like a freaking tourist and posed the above pics with us, hahaa. Sorry JH, too bad :P

2nd stop @ Long John Silver

Reminiscing the past continues @ LJS, time time round with Jinlian & Yanbo (affectionately known as Bobo). We used to hang out @ Lot 1 after our councillor meetings and LJS is one of our fave fast-food chain.

We all ordered Value Combo 1, hahaa, so united :)

Jinlian & Bobo, you guys have made your maiden appearance my blog! *waves hi*

2 pretty babes! LOL

Gossip session part 2 continues till 10pm ...laughing at silly jokes, listening to Ms Foo's lamenting abt her students. Time just seems to zoom past w/o us knowing it. We need volunteer to org the next session for gossip session part 3! :)

PS: Poor Bobo, hope you're still not identiti-less k?
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