Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fish Soup Place

A totally random post. Just to highlight a nice eating place for our readers. This one is located just opposite Bugis Junction (opposite the open field which used to house the DHL Balloon?).

See the reason why it's good?

Some numbers for the 4D hopefuls, but no guarantees hah... ... (invest at ur own risk)

Their famous XO fish soup noodles

And we ordered a side dish, prawn paste fried chicken, which according to Blamer, tastes nicer than the ones she ate at Holland V.

Hee hee hee... .. Hungry me is going to dig in!

Zhong dian of this pic is not Blamer though. The pic is just to show u guys how jam packed the eatery was.

And on our way back, guess who did we bumped into? Cheapo Blamer and me didn't buy any of his CDs though (guffaw.. ..) No lah, we are not his fans anyways... ....

Monday, July 27, 2009


Leecher 难得 brought me to a nice restaurant for dinner but I have to call & make reservation myself -___-

Zambuca Italian Restaurant & Bar, located at Pan Pacific, is part of the Michelangelos' chain of restaurant.
Wa, looks like I am in for a treat :P

Black leather-bound menu; classy!

Swirls of butter + warm bread = perfect combination to whet your appetite!

Complimentary appetizer; didn't really catch the name of this. Dices of salmon & cucumber soaked in oil-and-dunno-what-substance. You are strongly encouraged to polish this off in one gulp!

Time to start our 4 course meal proper :)

1st course: Cappesante - Pan seared diver scallops smothered with orange hollandaise, lightly gratinated. What a course to start the meal! Scallops were fresh & the juice oozed into your mouth with every bite. Barley was crunchy, didn't know that barley can be cooked in such a manner. Zambuca has wow-ed me for now.

Happily posting for pictures before we proceed to polish off the scallops in record-time. Yummy!

2nd course: Tortellini - Home made tortellini filled with smoked duck and duck liver in foie gras sauce.

According to Wiki, Tortellini is a variety of ring-shaped pasta. They are typically stuffed with a mix of meat. We were fooled by the words "foie gras" and ordered this dish, only to realise that it was the only foie gras we got was the sauce :(

The tortellini was quite filling, despite there were only 3 of them. Not my cup of tea and Leecher had to polish off the remaining, haha.

Leecher happily posting with the last Tortellini (think he ate 5 out of 6).

3rd course: Barramundi - oven roasted Australian barramundi with asparagus puree, grilled baby vegetables and balsamic foam.

Leecher claimed that the vegetables were crunchy though the barramundi tasted so-so, lacked the WOW factor.

3rd course: Manzo alla Grigli - Beef tenderloin grilled and served with kipler potatoes draped with foie gras jus and truffles.

Roller coaster ride so far; we started the meal on a high note with pan-fried scallops. Tortellini brought down our expectations and the 3rd courses lacked the punch. The tenderloin were overcooked though I asked for medium well; beef was kinda dry.

4th course: Warm Chocolate Cake - warm chocolate cake topped with vanilla bean creamsidedwith fig and honey ice cream. You can never go wrong with chocolate. Love how to chocolate oozed out from the cake, cheap thrill.

4th course: Crème Brûlée - Infused with Amaretto served with a scoop of forest berry sorbet.

Wiki to the rescue again: Amaretto is a sweet almond-flavoured liqueur of Italian origin. It is made from a base of apricot or almond pits, or sometimes both.

The desserts saved the day, after tasting less-than-expectations courses. Service was attentive initially, until the group of 20 odd diners came along for some company dinner. Can't really fault the waiters though, since the huge company ordered lots of wine while we asked for water :) However, we always had our plates cleared on time & had our glasses being refilled. No complaints on that.

Till the next meal @ Zambuca :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Missing ~

Seems like there's something with our blogger account.

The toolbar used to edit fonts/post pictures etc has gone missing in our browser

Anyone knows what is happening?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pri School Times

Recently, I met up with a long-lost friend of 13 years! We lost contact since p6 graduation. It's amazing that though we lost contact for so long, yet all thanks to FB & MJ, we were able to meet up for a meal :)

Yuxin, Qihan and me gathered @ home ground - Sakae Sushi (special request from Qihan).

The guys ordered the Premium Bento set while I decided to try out their teppanyaki set. Gosh, turned out to be quite a lllloooooonnnnnnggggg wait.

The guys getting ready to tuck into their food while I was still waiting for my dinner to be cooked :( *so hungry*

After 1/2 hr wait, my food finally arrived! The food was certainly not worth the wait; beef was hard (though it was medium rare) and the mushrooms were too salty for my liking. My take: stick to the premium bento set as it's cheaper, tastier and more value for money.

Long-lost friend of 13 years ~ he has changed a lot! He used to be the skinny bespectacled guy who likes to buy lots of CDs - which used to be the HIP thing to do in the past :p

Glenn & Dan - still can't get used to addressing them by their English names.

We spent the rest of the evening reminiscing about the past, our dare-devil attitude in primary schools, qihan's strange-hatred towards all the chinese teachers. We were so engrossed in our conversation that we were chased out by Sakae :P Oh, congrats to Yuxin for embarking on his next journey in life :) The next dinner will be on him, yippee!

On a separate note, I meet up with Yuxin & Ivan back in May for a simple meal @ Delifrance.

All 3 of us ordered the $7.90 set dinner; that comes with soup, main course, dessert and coffee/tea.

Soup was ok, not bad for a starter. Bread was slightly soggy, but the fragrant taste of garlic made up for it.

Plain-looking chicken ham spaghetti that tastes like how it looks. We had to request for some chilli powder as "garnish"

Looks more appetisiting now?

The best course of the meal :)

Nice catching up, guys! We should be able to have a 4 pple catch-up next time round, when everyone is back :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Arty Farty Weekend

Did I tell you guys that Blamer has been actively joining contests after contests for freebies? Well recently, she won something again. (looks like her hit on rate is getting better, wonder when will she win a car? beep! beep!)

Anyways, the letter informing her that she won some 7 tickets to watch a stage production at some niao bu sheng dan place near Newton MRT station.

Not really that hard to locate actually. Anybody care to pronounce the words?

By the way, Qian decided to join us too, and Blamer's colleague but he was too shy for the camera.

A real arty farty place if you ask me... ...

Apparently the play was part of a bigger event called Arts and Creativity for Everyone aka ACE Festival spanning over a month.

Because Blamer was late yet again, I had to grab a quick bite at the only eatery available.

Hmm quite an atas place, plain looking aligo olio for sgd12.90. Not exactly cheap and not really yummy either.

An arty farty shot by me. Actually, I like the glass walls and ceiling which let in quite a lot of natural lights... ....

For us to take lovely pics!!! Copyrights issue, hence no photos about the play. In a nutshell, it's about the story of two growing up teenagers from single parent families, coming to terms with their parents finding new love, and in turn, they found theirs too.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

JB Trip in May 09

We went over to visit Fling yet again over one weekend. Can't really remember which. Looks like we might become JBians really soon.

Pics with some pretty babes before setting off! Taking public is actually a quite a bliss, if u minus all the walk that is, but we really cleared the customs faster den if we were to take the car.

Fling brought us to this restaurant which according to her, is where most ppl go to during festive seasons like Christmas in JB. Fully booked always! And I'm about to find out why... ...

Garlic thin crusts (at least this is wat I called them) served in advance for the soup. However, since all of us were famished from our journey, we gobbled them up in no time. Really crispy and savory. It tasted heavenly! Maybe it was because we were all too hungry, but first impression counts, I'm beginning to like this restaurant!

Most of us ordered the mushroom soup except Fling who wanted to go for the healthier tomato. I'm a soup person and oh man, their soup was simply BAGUS! All natural, as in, u could really munch on the mushroom bits, not those campbell quick fix, my my and the portions were really big.

We ordered a pizza for sharing too. Fling said their pizzas are a must try... and I think I know the reason why.

You see the oven below all the tin cans at the top right hand corner? Wow, that's a traditional firewood oven man. No wonder their pizzas tasted so good!!

And now the mains. My order was cod fish with spaghetti done alio oglio style. U could really taste the freshness in the fish. Flaky, not overly cooked. Although I would prefer the pasta to be a little softer.

Blamer ordered the grilled salmon risotto, but blur blur Blamer actually wanted to throw away the salmon skin! My my, do they know that in Japanese restaurants, salmon skin are akin to a delicacy and can be served as a dish on its own, so wasteful, tsk tsk.

A group pic and I must say Fling looked so bright and cheery with her new hairstyle.

Last pics outside the restaurant. And the best bit is, for all those food that we had, it only cost us MYR12.90 per head for the set lunch which consisted of the soup, main and a drink. I forgot how much the pizza cost but the meal was still a steal. Super duper value for money guys, so if any of u ever visit JB, this place is a definite must try!

Next activity: Karaoke! Although I'm not much of a crooner, had to tag along. Was actually thinking of having a dip in Fling's pool but... ... Looks like my tummy will continue to grow... While waiting for our room, chance upon this kiosk selling name stickers. Miao was the last to make hers, but man she really took a long time.

Fooling around while waiting for Miao... ...

Finally in the room singing, quite a cosy room and yes, they are using wireless mic. Not too bad yeah?

A surprise guest dropped by... ... And thanks again for that round of drinks!

Last stop: A visit to the lastest member of Fling's family. Baby Jeriel!

Here Blamer was trying to figure out how best to carry Jeriel while I was desperately trying to capture the precious moments when Jeriel smiled. But looks like Blamer's not doing a good job wa ha ha.

Miao and Qian took their turns as well.

Finally my turn! See I think the Jeriel likes me, notice this is the only photo where she smiled. Wa ha ha ha, and Blamer had to come chap ji kar... Blea... ...

Thanks Fling for having us over. Next time, I'm definitely going to swim... ...
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