Friday, February 29, 2008

Our First 1/2 day leave on the Year

29 Feb 2008, Friday. Its the day where it comes only once every 4 years and its also the day where Leecher and me took our first 1/2 day leave together to go and relax for the day ... As usual, I had to wait for about 1/2 hr before Leecher actually stepped out from his office. Leecher wanted to go Plaza Singapura to exchange his DVD ... Went past this QQ rice shop

Leecher decided to try what's so interesting about this rice, which costs $4.50
Feeling bored while waiting for the food to be prepared ...

Finally, the food is ready!

The rice acutally contains meat + pork floss + cumumber inside, not too bad, but a bit pricey (in my opinion)

Walked to Orchard road and passed by this Kopitiam, Leecher decided to try to noodles, since the stall have a lot of awards presented to them.

However, its not nice at all....the utensils are dirty and the chilli is too hot, masked the taste of the noodles and the ingredients...wonder how they managed to receive the awards?

Headed to Tangs to buy my stuff. It's my turn to leech on Leecher today, since he has vouchers, haha! Bought Benefit's products - Benetint and Thrrrob - (have been hearing rave reviews and wanted to give it a try)

Its time to head back to Leecher's place for dinner. We decided to order 933 Golden Pillow, since his parents never tried it before...waited close to 1.5 hrs for the food to come :(

Leecher felt that he was conned when he saw what the seafood roll looks like, haha.

The chicken is nice, chewy and tender...

Of cuz, the main course - golden pillow with curry fish

The fish curry is quite bad. I was expecting to see a fish inside but alas, there are only a few slices of fried fish. I still think the curry chicken is better.

Well, the only consolation is that we got the mini golden pillow as a gift.....that is a magnet for the fridge, hahaaha

Happy Leap Year Everyone!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Waraku Again

Blamer decided to pang sei me for her "snake rat one nest" friends on our usual once a week dinner together, hence I decided to eat something nice for lunch today to make up for it.

So here we are at Waraku again. Surprise suprise though, the other time when we were here, there was an amazingly long queue, but today, we manage to get a seat almost immediately.

The waitress serving was being overly polite in my opinion, kept asking us whether this is ok, tat is ok, and after taking our orders, she even wish us to have a nice lunching experience today. Think she must be hoping tat we will recommend her for some staff of the month award or something.

Some tea to warm up our stomach before the food.

By the way, when Blamer was ordering her pizza, the overly helpful waitress was asking us for our preferred serving size (mini or regular), Blamer asked her wat is the size of regular cos recently her appetite seems to have improved a lot and she is afraid tat she might be hungry again real soon. The waitress pointed to the side and told her, "It's abt the size of the plate," This is a sample of "the plate"

So end up Blamer ordered the mini de,

The pizza is salmon with mushroom and cheese toppings, really thin crust and the cheese is very nice. Salmon and mushroom very common taste. Think only the crust and cheese are nice.

This is my order, Scallop and mushroom soup with spaghetti,

The soup base is very nice leh, though a bit too oily. I really like the shape of the bowl though, maybe next time can get the same bowl for my house. Ha ha...

Really nice food leh, can consider making this a regular hangout place for good food.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Flowers from Leecher

Since this is the month of Feb (season of love, as its V-day month), I shall post the flowers that I received from Leecher in our 26 months of love ~

Bet Leecher cant remember close to 90% of the flowers, haha ^_^
1st bouquet: 3 stalks of lilies on 14 Nov 2005 (First date)

Posting with my flowers, looking happy (cuz that is the one and only time that Leecher walked me to my doorsteps when we went out for dates, haha)

2nd bouquet: 3 stalks of Blue roses for my pre-21st bdae celebration, 9 Dec 2005

A lot of pple say this looks like ROM picture, haha

3rd "bouquet": Single stalk of handmade tissue rose, 9 Dec 2005

We were chilling out @ Lash after my bdae celebration. He got to learn how to make this from the waitress and gave it to me. (must be finding chances to talk to the pretty waitress while I was chatting with my frens, haha)

4th "mini" bouquet: Single stalk of blue rose on our 1st month anniversary, 13 Jan 2006

PS: Sorry for the poor picture - last time no dent dent, only got my brother's phone camera.

5th bouquet: 9 stalks of Champagne roses on 1st V-day, 14 Feb 2006

Enjoying the breeze @ Esplanade

Leecher decided to take pic with the flowers too, while waiting for our food to come :)

After receiving 4/5 bouquets of flowers consistantly for the initial month, Leecher decided to take a break, haha. Plus, there were no occasions for him to give me flowers till its my bdae/1st yr anniversary.

6th bouquet: 6 stalks of lilies on my bdae/1st yr anniversary, 13 Dec 2006

Posting happily with the food @ One Rochester (which Leecher seems to have forgotten abt this when I asked him abt it a year later; see 2nd Anniversary post for details)

7th bouquet: 20 stalks of Champagne roses + 1 stalk of pink rose on 21st month anniversary, 13 Sept 2007

I was caught by surprise (for the first time ever) when the deliveryman walked into my office and gave me the bouquet of flowers. I totally didn't expected this and I still purposely didn't sms Leecher that morning, for I was angry that he has "forgotten" to send me our usual morning msg. Well, it seemed that he was just pretending and waiting for the flowers to be delivered to my office. Pleasant surprise, loving it!

I was beaming with happiness and decided to treat Leecher to No Signboard's chilli crabs. Unfortunately, the bill came up to more than the flowers....Arg!

8th bouquet: 24 stalks of blue roses on our 2nd year anniversary, 13 Dec 2007

Flowers + good food make a happy couple, haha

9th bouquet: 9 stalks of tulips on 3rd V-day, 14 Feb 2008

Leecher decided to give me flowers again on V-day, since he totally ignored our 2nd V-day, haha.

After so many bouquets, here's their present status:

4 bouquets are hanging by my computer table

Some are reduced to being kept in containers on my desk

The latest one still sitting on my desk, waiting to join the rest of the bouquets by my comp table

I was very sad when I had to throw away the lilies, for it attracted ants. But I managed to salvage some of the flowers and put them into containers. Their ribbons and wrappers are tucked nicely in my box of "treasures" from Leecher, haha. Yes, I am a very sentimental gal when it comes to gifts given by Leecher.

To Leecher, do you still rem all these flowers? hahahaa.....well, i guess that everyone will know what is the answer...:)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stunning discovery

I decided to log onto my youtube account to check on something and I discovered an amazing thing.
Remember this lame video of a pen which i made from the Taiwan post? It actually has 116 views since I posted it on youtube 2 months ago??!!!


Friday, February 15, 2008

Supper at Jalan Kayu

Last night, Blamer suddenly has this craving to eat cheese prata and asked me where can we have it. Hmm... since our NTU days, I have not eaten such specialty prata anymore. Hence, the only place I can think of is Jalan Kayu Prata.

Blamer decided to capitalize on the fact that Daddy seems to dote on her a little and requested that we go for supper later at night.

Here we are, and our table no is

in case anyone wishes to buy any 4-D on the no ha ha.

Mama sipping her Teh-tarik, still think the Indians are definitely better at making Teh-tarik.

Waited for quite some time before the food finally came, mama had the paper prata (see top of photo) while dad and me had garlic egg prata.

Of cos, Blamer had her cheese prata.

I tried the mutton soup as well. Remember the other time when me and EK came, the mutton soup was not bad.

And just to show Dennis, see can park car normally at Jalan Kayu de, so next time you can safely drive ur Vampire here as well. ke ke ke...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day 14 Feb 2008

Today marks the 3rd Valentine's Day with Blamer.

Part 1
Purposely fake Blamer that I'm not giving her flowers for this year but ended up the florist let the cat out of the bag by calling Blamer and double checking with her the delivery address. (cuz Blamer helped her colleague to order too) DUH? There goes the surprise...

When the flowers arrived, they looked like this:

By the way, the red rose by the side came from Dennis, cos she was lamenting that I'm not giving her flowers today and generous Dennis decided to pity her... Wa ha ha ha.

Releasing the flowers from their wrappings they actually looked not too bad. This is the first time I'm giving tulips to Blamer, every time roses and roses also sian rite...

Since I was unable to secure a restaurant for dinner and the prices quoted for private rooms was too mind-blowing for me. We decided to eat something slightly better for lunch today. Went to a Korean restaurant near to our workplace (a pity I forgot to take the signboard, maybe next time), quite popular leh this place, lucky we went slightly earlier if not the restaurant would be full le.

This restaurant always serves free sides:

Blamer was too hungry to wait for the pic to be taken...

While she was gobbling down the sides, I was looking thru my Valentine's presents!!

Gasp! This looks exactly the same as my Xiao Ding Dang coin box at home where I kept all my New Year winnings (cum supposedly Blamer's shoe fund) Does it mean she is giving me money??!!!

Nah, fat chance. However it was something better, she actually put on the apron to dish up this box of Ai Xin desserts. Choco coated Strawberries, Rainbow candied and Oreo coated biscuits.

Actually I sensed that Blamer was making something for me last nite, when I heard her knocking something and her mum was in the background asking her this, asking her that. However she fakey me by saying she was hitting Xiao Ren and that she was putting leftover rice into the fridge whereas she was in fact, instructing her mum to put the coated strawberries into the fridge. I thought it was a card and why do u need to put a card into the fridge?? Hmm.. I was partially right though, this is my card...

Sorry I can't let u guys see the contents on the other side. P&C leh, ke ke...

Finally our food is here,

Me ordered Korean handmade nooodles in seafood soup. Okay okay only leh... but the soup base is nice.

Blamer tried the normal spicy chicken soup with rice with lots of healthy vege!!!

So this ends the first half of our V day celebration and back to work we went...

Back at the Office

Hey hey, the lion dance troupe came to visit the workplace. Being in the sales line, of cos I can't miss the chance of letting the heng heng lion come to visit my work station. But I think this lion is a bit ti-ko leh, tried to flirt with one of my colleagues, or is it just trying to find a partner for this Valentine??

Part 2
After work, Blamer and I met up again wondering where to go? Movies? Too late, she stopped me from making a booking yesterday, now is too late to do anything le. Haiz, so I suggested to go to Central and see what we can do there...

Nope nope restaurants were full to the brim so we decided to do something most couples wouldn't even dreamt of doing on V day... *we ate at foodcourt*

Tempura Curry Udon!

I forgotten what is this called but I think it tasted better than the udon. (Notice right hand bottom corner, yesh we really ate at foodcourt)

See Blamer looks so happy eating at foodcourt on V day. So it really doesn't matter where u eat sometimes, but the company u are with... (hint hint)

Here's our presents for each other ...

After dinner, we wanted to get some desserts, but since every where is still full of ppl trying to get into the restaurants, we ended up walking back to the TCC where we had our first Kai Nian Fan.

A light snack for starters, some mushroom thingy with cheese on top served with bread. Warning: do not attempt to eat the cranberry compote in the middle, taste yucky.

This creative new dessert cost a freaking $9.90 for four pieces of small cakes top with layers of white, milk and dark chocolate. Not take fantastic either. End up we had to play a guessing game with the loser having to eat more of the dessert. (can't waste food u know)

More cam whore with the flowers, maximise the flowers b4 they outlive their worth after today.

And finally a pic of two happy people enjoying each other's company on 14th FEB 2008. (can't get it wrong this time)
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