Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Wedding Montage

18 months later, I've finally uploaded our wedding montage. This montage was a joint effort by Leecher & me. Credits went to Leecher who uploaded most of the pictures while I did the final editing to make sure that the transition of slides coincide with the songs that we have chosen. Enjoy & please don't laugh too much (^^)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Taking a Break

I have been feeling jaded recently & I know that this has nothing to do with mid-life crisis. I kept feeling that time is not enough, constantly trying my best to finish the tasks that are given to me. In fact, I'm even updating this lil space of mine sometimes till the wee hours of the night. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed what I'm doing and thankful for all the things that had happened in my life. I wanted to do much more, but my body seemed to want to take things slow. Perhaps, it's time I give in to my inner pleas and take a break from my usual routine. If I don't update as often, you know what I'm up to :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sunday Brunch: Relish by Wild Rocket

This banner is up again ~ means another brunch date with Leecher! This time round, we headed somewhere nearer to home as I wanted a quiet place to chill and relax. Town always seemed crowded on weekends & I don't wanna head there unless its absolutely necessary.
Leecher with his act-cute-Mickey-Mouse T-shirt, haha! 
#ootd for the day ~ hot weather outfit = top + shorts + shades.
Our brunch venue this week: Relish by Wild Rocket, located @ myVillage.
A wider look at the place, serving all-day Brunch! My fave, since I can sleep in during weekends w/o compromising on my "breakfast". 
We arrived slightly after noon and the place wasn't crowded. We were served by this guy with extremely feminine looks who could pass off as a girl if he were to don a dress with some makeup. I can't help but keep sneaking glances at him cuz he's really a pretty boy!  
Simple 2-paged menu that contained an array of drinks, salads, mains and desserts.
Ikea-ish display of utensils. 
Mandarin Pop, which tasted much like a mild version of Orangina.
Candy-crushing! It was a tight fight b/w me & Leecher, trying to outdo each other, lol!
OK, you have my full attention now. 
Lazy-ing around while waiting for our food.  

Relish's menu consisted mainly of burgers & that is what they are famous for! Their patties are made from parts of the animals that was meant for burgers (chuck, shin, rib-eye). They have also added a whole range of comfort food to their menu :) 
Our order came at the same time. Based on my observation, they will tend to serve all the mains together .. so if one main course was prepared faster than the other, it will have to sit in the kitchen before the other one is cooked.  
Mushroom & Cheese burger, with medium rare beef patty, served with salad. You get to choose b/w salad and fries - Leecher went for the obvious choice (considering his waist-line) only to get chided by me as I wanted to nibble on the fries :p
I had to photograph this quickly, as we sat under the air-con and cold air kept blasting down upon us. Leecher has an issue with cold food apparently. 
My order of Thai Minced Basil Pork Prata Pizza. The prata skin tasted home-made, with slightly burnt edges. However, the dish was too oily and I had to struggle with the last piece. If you're keen to try, I would recommend this for sharing. 
The surprise of the day ~ an interesting rendition of strawberry cheesecake. I was kind of expecting a slice of cake to be presented when this was delivered to our table. I almost thought they got the wrong order! A sweet twist, go try it! 
Relish by Wild Rocket
1 Maju Avenue #02-07
My Village, Serangoon Garden
Singapore 556679
Tel: 6634 3422
Opening Hours: 12pm till 3pm (Lunch, Mon-Fri), 6.30pm till 11pm (Dinner, Mon-Fri), 11am till 9.30pm (Whole Day Brunch, Sat - Sun)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Air Tickets Stubs

I was clearing my travel box over the weekend and stumbled upon the air-ticket stubs collected over the period of 2012, where I travelled mostly for business. Yes, I have a travel box (one for personal & one for work) where I keep all sorts of stuff (like hotel room keys, tickets stub, matchboxes etc). Leecher often labelled me as garang guni - as I tend to keep stuffs, thinking that they will come in useful one day. Once in a blue moon, I'll develop this throwing-away-things-mood, only to make space for more things to come (it's a vicious cycle!)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday Brunch: Robert Timms

Recently, I'm on a path of re-discovering my life - to re-organise my goals/priorities while trying to strike a work-life balance, instead of being caught in the rat chase (which I guess many of us are guilty of!). One of the top priorities is to spend more quality time with the hubby ... something that I think I've overlooked during the past few months >.< Sometimes, I just feel blessed to have him as a hubby despite all his shortcomings, lol! So, Sunday brunch with the hubby :) 
A "brunch with dearie" banner created :) Put in lots of hearts, so Leecher can feel the love, lol! And, I call the hubby by his full name most of the time (it just sounds so right after calling it for several years - lol), switching to dearie whenever I needed a favour or on days when I feel like 撒娇-ing. Leecher is his on-screen name for this blog - for the new readers who just dropped by, the name Leecher was coined by me (!) as I realised that he always like to leech on me for various kinds of things that you can imagine :P OK, enough of background story, back to post proper. 
Headed to town on a Sunday afternoon as I had to pick up a farewell gift for the boss. We ended up @ Robert Timms, after Leecher gave his approval #likeaboss. 
Larger than life menu ~ nothing beats the heavier than life menu from Brasserie Gavroche
Seated near the glass window, overlooking the heavy traffic in town. 
Already decided what I wanna have, while Leecher was still browsing through the menu.
Practicing my shoots on anything that is available on the table, haha!
Though I'm not a coffee lover, but I always love looking at latte art :) I recently found a coffee place that does fabulous latte art, can't wait to check it out with Leecher!
Apple Lemon Tea - you can still see the apple syrup at the bottom of the glass.
Wow, the colours looked so vibrant ~ made my day just looking at it. I ordered the 3 Ways Toast, 3 different toppings on multigrain bread.

So, I gobbled down poached egg with turkey ham (topping + toast), faced with a lil struggle on sauteed mixed mushroom (ate just half the toast while finishing the topping) and left the toast of bratwurst sausage untouched. The serving is quite huge, so best to order to share. For 2 pax, I think it would be ideal to order 2 appetisers + 1 main to share, and if there is enough stomach space, head for the desserts.
Leecher's order of Big Bang, which came with 2 sausages, turkey ham, bacon and beef patty. Only order if you are a meat lover!

Taking the first bite and seemed to give his approval.
Happy brunching! I'll be back with more brunch places, so keep a lookout on this blog :) 
Robert Timms
1F Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road 
Singapore 238880
Tel: 67359201 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mummy's Birthday 2013

We held an early celebration for mummy dearest's birthday as I will be away in KL for a conference during her birthday. We usually celebrate it within the family with a simple dinner + cake. This year, we held a birthday bash for her while keeping her in the dark :) The plan was first conceived when I was looking at the calender and realised that I'll be out of town. So, I whatsapp my lil bro to coordinate his schedule for an early birthday celebration ... then we realised that it was her 50th birthday (opps, revealing her age!), so one thing led to another and then we decided to have a surprise birthday bash :) We had to come up with a plan to get her out of the house & my brilliant lil bro came up with the ingenious excuse.
I dunno whether to laugh or cry, lol! So, at the end of the day, we engaged Aunt Emily's help. Her sisters were all informed of the party beforehand and all kept her in the dark while providing me with information based on their phone conversations, haha! So, on the day itself, Leecher drove to CCK to fetch her, on the pretext of sending her to Aunt Emily's place to look at a gigantic fish ornament (she's into fishes recently!).
This time round, I ordered from Neo Garden. The guys came over early & set up the place. Nowadays HDB corridor very small & we have to eat into my neighbours' front door.
Wanted to order the mini buffet initially, then decided to just heck it and order a min 30 pax buffet as it came with food warmers. I even bought ta-bao boxes for all my relatives to pack the food back for dinner, haha!  
Mummy dearest @ the buffet table trying out the dishes. 
The birthday cake that I very kiasu-ish ordered from Pine Garden 1 month ago, sponsored by lil brother.  
Very pleased with the fantastic job! HUAT AR! 
Leecher lighting the 5 big candles that we got. We wanted to get 50 candles, but think we will have a hard time lighting them up, so decided to abandon the idea and make do with 5 big candles instead.  
Birthday girl with her rice bucket birthday cake :) 
The love ones in my life :) 
with her sisters.  
Singing birthday song, making a wish (but she looked like she's praying!) and blowing out the candles. She chided us for not "informing" her earlier, so she can come in a nicer outfit, lol!
Being the 4D lovers, the aunties went to count the no. of gold and bet on the numbers later.
Everyone got so excited at counting the gold coins that they started to crowd around the table, lol! Have to double-count to make sure that the number is correct somemore. 
Faced with the daunting task of how-to-cut-the-cake-next.   
3-layer lychee martini cake :) This was enough to feed 45 pax, so everyone got quite a portion of cake to take home.   
with 5th auntie & uncle who came slightly later.
Thank you everyone for coming and helping me to coordinate the surprise birthday party :) Really appreciate it *winks* You guys are the best!   
And to my mummy dearest ~ may you stay happy & healthy always, have more inspiration for your 4D betting and HUAT ar!
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