Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lil Bro's NS journey: Passing Out Parade

After sending lil bro to BMTC on his enlistment day, 2 months seemed to zoom pass (at least for me!) I'll try to make sure that I head home during weekends to have dinner with him - catching up on his army life & listening to the stories that all recruits have to tell. Soon, it was time for his passing out parade (POP). The parade was held at The Float @ Marina Bay at 8am, way earlier than my normal working day! 
We walked across the bridge & I could see that the best sections on the platforms were gradually filled up. Had to half-run and half-drag Leecher's big body to reach the destination.
Oh man, you could smell the recruits from afar! Haha, all of them were drenched in sweat from their late night road march. 
Families and friends making their way up the platform. 
Waiting for the ceremony to begin. The sun was shining upon us, thankfully, we had our shades on :) Leecher with his ridiculous shades over specs look. 

The parade started with the march in of the recruits. This was a combined POP of several coys, so there were plenty of families + friends on the floating platform.
Felt as if I'm watching the National Day Parade, just that the contingents were all in green instead of a myriad of colours.
After the recruits toss their jockey caps into the air, it marked the end of the parade. Honestly, even though my lil bro told me exactly where he was standing, I couldn't distinguish him from all the rest from afar. The boys all looked the same in their uniform and tanned skin!
Headed down to 7th Coy to look for him, or rather, he was on the lookout for me.
With the BMTC flag, lol!   
Presented with a surprise! So proud of the lil bro :)  
This cheeky fellow with his achievement, lol! 
His friends came along as well.  
Melvin graduated on the same day as well, so 小舅's family came along too.    
A couple of lil bro's dragonboat friends were in the area, so they witnessed the ceremony on water. Cool huh?   
lil bro can't wait to head for breakfast as he was starving. We headed to Burger King @ Marina Sq for breakfast, which he devoured a set within minutes.
Once again, he had to take pics with the medal - which he claimed that it will lose its air-time after today, lol!    
1st part of NS journey completed! Till the next post, tata!

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