Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - in a heart beat!

The last day of 2011 and in a few moments, we will be ushering in Yr 2012. Yr 2011 has been an amazing year for both of us, in terms of work & personal. Looking back, I wished we had more time to achieve more stuff, but I guess 知足常乐 is perhaps more important than anything else.

On the personal front .... hmm, lots of major milestones happened to us this year alone - renovating our house, moving in, signing our lives away (yet another time) to buy Jet, marriage preparations and finally the BIG day itself.

As I looked back at our earlier entries, I realized we have grown a lot physically (more so for Leecher's waist line) and emotionally. I guess we all have to grow up somewhere, somehow. Now, is a new phrase where Leecher's name comes under my immediate family. Even mummy dearest changed status and become my extended family, boohoo! Then again, it's just a status - mummy dearest will forever be the no. 1 in my heart! Sorry Leecher! haha!

On the work front, I'm glad that I was presented with a lot more opportunities to prove my worth - though the learning curve is still steep. Elated to add China market to my portfolio this year :) Thanks for all the colleagues who helped along the way!

This year, we decided to do something special by writing our wishes for the new year!

Leecher writing his wishes on the ball.

Writing & Writing .... he better write something about his wifey!

No mention of me :( Wa, his wish is a replica of the standard Ms Universe reply.

My turn!

Simple wish :)

Here's our wishes for 2012, alongside with all the thousands of well-wishes!

As we say our goodbyes to 2011, we must be reminded of the joys and happiness that we had, leaving the tears and sadness behind. Stay happy in 2012 & be blessed with lots of love & happiness :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

DB Bistro

After our drinks @ Oyster Bar, we walked over to MBS for our dinner.

You can't help but realize how much the area has changed & we spotted lots of joggers running around the area too!

Checked in @ DB Bistro for our dinner. DB Bistro Moderne offers an exciting mix of trad French bistro cooking with contemporary American flavours and a world renown collection of signature burgers. Wondering what DB stands for? It's actually Chef Daniel Boulud.

Table setting

The guys were busy deciding on their wines while the ladies were more interested in taking pictures, haha!

Red for the guys & white for the girls.

They have a large selection of bread & our fave goes to those mini round bread, where we even had 2nd & 3rd helpings. Anyone knows the name of the bread?

Leecher decided to start the night with Assiette Lyonnaise, which was a selection of house made terrines & cured meats, served with country toast. He almost succeeded in spoiling our night with this dish, as no one was really a fan of it, haha!

This mushroom tarte flambee saved the day after the disastrous dish that Leecher put us through.

Then it was time for the main course!

We each ordered a main course to be shared amongst us, which consisted of baked ocean trout, lamb couscous, the original db burger and duck confit.

We even reserved a seat for Yaozu, but he still couldn't make it in the end.

After clearing our table, it's time for desserts!

Mostly chocolates and the guys nearly died from chocolate overdose, haha!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oyster Bar @ Customs House

Taking a break from blogging about our wedding journey while we sort out all the pictures. Time for some friends time, in case you're getting bored from reading our wedding stuff, haha! The usual meet up with EK, Pris & Kenneth. Poor Yaozu was stuck in office till 9pm and he had to miss our gathering. The new hangout place, Customs House.

Customs House is fast becoming the new hangout place in CDB area. Having a vantage view of the Marina Bay area is a bonus for the F&B establishments!

Started the evening with drinks & finger food @ Oyster Bar

Leecher checking out where we'll be heading next on our whatsapp groupchat.

Chocolate martini with Orange Peel - strangely enough, finger licking good!

Leecher's mojito.

1st to arrive and have to wait for the rest to be here.

Wagyu Beef Toasts that cost a freaking $39 for just 8 pieces.

Sun setting & the rest of them finally arrived.

Finishing our drinks and time for dinner!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wedding Bands Collection

Evelyn called us 3 days before we went for our photo-shoots to inform us that our wedding bands were ready for collection.

The bag that contained the box to our rings :) My heart was pounding so hard that I think everyone could hear it! I wondered how the rings would turn out to be?

Revealed! Our very own design! I love how "princey" & "princessy" our rings looked on the ring pillow :)

And our own logo design that played on our initials of S&H., with a heart in the middle - this was supposed to mean Sheng ♥ Hong. If you look at it closely, the alphabets looked like S4, which revealed the location where we met :) Nanyang Business School (NBS) was where we met and it's located at S4 (South Spine 4) in campus. For my ring, it was designed based on the concept of protection and embracement. - the middle proposal ring was a gift from Leecher and the outer 2 layers served to protect the ring (aka Leecher protecting me) and together, we embrace the future in union. For his ring, the middle part is sunken in, meaning that I'm always 他背后的女人, haha!

Now, for Leecher to untie the rings :)

We're really pleased with the design of our rings :)

There was an ancient belief that a very vital blood vessel ran from the ring finger on the left hand directly to the heart. It was, therefore, appropriate that a ring which symbolized true love should be worn on the ring finger. The vein was given the name "vena amori" meaning "the vein of love". Well, we have to wait for approx 1yr before we can wear the rings on the vein of love :)

A huge thanks to the lovely Evelyn!
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