Thursday, December 15, 2011

Picture Selection

After our pre-wedding photo-taking, it was time to select the pictures! Gosh, Kevin (our photographer) took almost 300+ over pictures for us and we had a hard time choosing :( Coupled the fact that I had 10 different gowns for this package, this made our choice even harder. Before the selection, I've already told Leecher that I'm prepared to top up, haha! Must prep Leecher first mah - but of cuz we have a budget that we need to stick to.

Waiting for our usual pickup @ the causeway.

Before heading to the studio, we had to curb our hunger pangs, so that we will be full of energy and in a better position to negotiate the prices later :)

Waiting in anticipation when Ivy, our coordinator went to retrieve the pictures for our viewing.

To kill time, I decided to look through other albums to look for inspiration for our picture layout as well.

See, how to choose 300+ pictures for only 1 album? We were stuck in the room for almost 3hours, trying to eliminate the pictures. Ivy, our coordinator, gave us a tip on choosing the pictures. As the pictures will be blown up on the album, it's important to look at the facial expression closely. Finally, we eliminated down to the pictures that we wanted to keep and formed our photo albums. Yes, I succumbed and top up! Haha, Ivy gave us a good price and it was way cheaper than top ups in Singapore. And she kindly gave me all the unedited hard copies back for my keeping, yippee!

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