Monday, December 19, 2011

Pre-Wedding Albums Collection

The long awaited call from Ivy to inform us that our wedding albums are ready for collection! The whole journey took around 3 months and we were happy to strike this item off our wedding-to-do-list, as this meant that we had one less thing to worry about!

Leecher forgot to wear his contact lens & he invented his own glasses + shades combi, which I think was quite duh.

Driving Jet into JB for the 1st time ever and to collect our wedding albums!

Crossing the causeway. Thank god traffic was smooth on that day.

Our bridal shop, one of the best in JB.

Waiting while Ivy went to bring out all our barang barang.

The whole package. For those who don't drive, transportation can be arranged with the bridal house to send all these stuff back to Singapore (to your doorstep) at a fee of $5o - for those who don't drive.

One of the albums, where Leecher chose the cover and design. The other album was too heavy that neither of us wanted to hold it up for pic-taking.

My wonderful coordinator :)

Kevin & Ivy, who happened to be husband and wife too :)

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