Monday, December 12, 2011

Pre-Wedding Picture Taking

The common question that I've been facing is how's married life? To be honest, nothing changed much since the day we said "I do" - except that now I have another set of parents, family and a ring on my finger. A GF shared with me how people's expectations of their partners changed after their wedding day and frankly, I'm glad that we don't have that kind of mentality, perhaps, that's what kept us going for so long.

Was sorting out the pictures for our wedding journey and going to start with our pre-wedding picture-taking. Leecher proposed on 6th Aug 2009 and we decided to take our pictures on the same day 1 year later :) Crossed the causeway and had lunch @ City Square.

Then, it was time to check into our hotel. Picture-taking will take around 2 days and we decided that it would be more convenient to stay in a hotel near the studio instead of shuffling b/w SG and JB. Sweet Fling booked the hotel room for us @ Grand Paragon :) thanks dear!

Our home for the weekend!

Lazy Leecher! Initially, we were discussing on which hotel to book and Fling recommended Grand Paragon over Crown Prince Hotel, as GP was newly opened.

And it has a better view too, since the hotel was built on top of a slope.

We were laughing our heads off when we saw this slip of paper on the dressing table. They even have a price list of the items on sale! Guess a lot of people must be "kopping" stuff from the rooms for them to resort to this.

Snacks to last us for the weekend.

You must be thinking why I took this picture? There was a story behind this ....

Leecher walked into the bathroom and came out very excited, holding this in his hand and exclaimed "Wa, dear, they even provide scented candles leh!" As I was lying in bed and watching tv, I didn't pay much attention to what he was holding in his hand. So he proceeded to light up the "candle" and seconds later, I smelt something burning. So I looked up and asked him if he smelt the same thing. He said innocently, "Ya, I light up the candle mah, so the smell must be coming from the candle". I replied "No, this don't smell like its candle-burning, rather it's more of plastic burning. You got smell?" By then, I was walking close enough to the "candle" and realised that our friend here mistook the water plug for a candle!

The close-up of the burnt "candle" , LOL!

Had our dinner @ this hawker place near our hotel. Free screening of shows/movies depending on the time of the day.

Our dinner before we proceeded back to the hotel to get our beauty rest :)

Breakie while waiting for Uncle to come fetch us to the bridal shop. Uncle is actually the dad of the bridal house's owner and he helps out by driving clients around.

Getting ready for our photo-taking! We didn't take a lot of pictures, as dent dent was kept inside the cupboard. I had to change a total of 11 outfits (1o gowns and 1 graduation gown) for the whole PS-taking.

Sneak picture of Leecher waiting at the side while I was posing in front of the camera.

Lunch was packed by the crew and we had chicken rice before venturing out for outdoor shots.

Waiting to set off for our outdoor shots with our balloons :)

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