Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wedding Bands Collection

Evelyn called us 3 days before we went for our photo-shoots to inform us that our wedding bands were ready for collection.

The bag that contained the box to our rings :) My heart was pounding so hard that I think everyone could hear it! I wondered how the rings would turn out to be?

Revealed! Our very own design! I love how "princey" & "princessy" our rings looked on the ring pillow :)

And our own logo design that played on our initials of S&H., with a heart in the middle - this was supposed to mean Sheng ♥ Hong. If you look at it closely, the alphabets looked like S4, which revealed the location where we met :) Nanyang Business School (NBS) was where we met and it's located at S4 (South Spine 4) in campus. For my ring, it was designed based on the concept of protection and embracement. - the middle proposal ring was a gift from Leecher and the outer 2 layers served to protect the ring (aka Leecher protecting me) and together, we embrace the future in union. For his ring, the middle part is sunken in, meaning that I'm always 他背后的女人, haha!

Now, for Leecher to untie the rings :)

We're really pleased with the design of our rings :)

There was an ancient belief that a very vital blood vessel ran from the ring finger on the left hand directly to the heart. It was, therefore, appropriate that a ring which symbolized true love should be worn on the ring finger. The vein was given the name "vena amori" meaning "the vein of love". Well, we have to wait for approx 1yr before we can wear the rings on the vein of love :)

A huge thanks to the lovely Evelyn!

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