Thursday, February 25, 2010

On the move

Sorry for the lack of posts this week :(

Am travelling and will be boarding the plane in another 8 hours though I just landed 3 hours ago.

Off to Phuket with Leecher & see you guys in March!

Have a great week ahead!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dawn of a New Age

A super duper long overdue pic, but guess I should still post it. The major cross-over to smart phones for Blamer and me!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

4th Year Anniversary

Belated post

It's the time of the year again for my wallet to suffer a heavy blow -- Blamer's birthday!

My choice of dinner venue. Have you guys guess it yet?

Yup yup, this is the place. Spotted a great offer for their five course set dinner on the internet and decided to give it a shot, since Blamer had already tried Morton's before (w/o me).

Dun be mistaken, I didn't booked the whole restaurant for a private moment together. Seemed like we were a tad too early even at 7.30pm.

The standard serving of bread to munch on while waiting for our food. I like the onion rolls the best (round ones in the foreground)

Here comes our appetizer, I believe this was salmon confit, anyway it's cold Japanese pasta, seaweed and the black stuff on top was supposed to be caviar. I find the pasta a little bland, salmon ok, caviar ok.

Next up was the Hokkaido scallops served with apple puree and black truffle vinaigrette. I think the Chef was trying to preserve the bona fide taste of the scallop but to me they weren't as fantastic or tasty as the ones I had at Zambuca.

Next came the Foamy Jerusalem artichoke with braised duck and croutons. Initially, I thought it was just a creamy soup with a fancy name, a check with wiki produces : "Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus), also called the sunroot or sunchoke or earth apple or topinambur, is a species of sunflower native to the eastern United States, from Maine west to North Dakota, and south to northern Florida and Texas

Jerusalem artichokes have 650 mg. potassium per 1 cup (150g) serving. They are also high in iron, and contain 10-12% of the US RDA of fiber, niacin, thiamine, phosphorus and copper."

Well at least now I know I drank something healthy.

Blamer's main -- Slow-cooked squab breast with duck "foie gras" raspberry and walnut vinaigrette. She was immediately sold when the words "foie gras" flashed in front of her. Although I told her we should try their steak which was what they are really famous for. In the end the foie gras didn't live up to her expectations since it came from a duck and in-between inverted commas. I think it lacked the punch and the richer flavour of a goose liver. Also I find the duck a little under-cooked with bits of red still visible near the bone.

The dish that salvaged the whole dinner, US beef fillet and braised Wagyu cheek in red wine sauce with seasonal mushrooms.

I had it medium rare, in order to preserve the juice and texture of the meat. Gordon lived up to their name. The beef fillet was nicely done. Although not as prime a cut as tenderloins, it yields easily to the bite. Moist and tender on the inside, slightly charred on the outside, heavenly... ...

The braised Wagyu cheek? You can easily pry it apart with just your fork, literally disintegrates in your mouth with a flick of your tongue. Wonderful! Got my money's worth from this dish alone.

Special mention to this cute little vegetable which I reckon is a baby onion? Nice touch to leave the bit of green on the top.

Next up is every girl's favourite -- Desserts! I had the soft-baked Grand Cru chocolate mousse with coconut ice cream. Not a screamer, tasted just like any chocolate mousse you can find at any decent restaurant.

On the other hand, Blamer's Marinated forest berries, sherry vinegar and orange scented ice cream was the complete contrast to my insipid, run of the mill dessert. The blend of vinegar and berries brought a refreshing sensation to the palate. The feathery sweetness of the orange ice cream tops it up leaving you feeling satisfied. I tried hard to swap dessert with Blamer but my oh my, she was actually willing to relinquish her chocolate craving.
The helpful waiter kindly took a pic for us. Service was impeccable and very attentive. The choice of wine recommended by him greatly complements the steak. Kudos to that. If you are like me, not a wine expert, it pays to ask for their recommendation.

Blamer wanted me to take a pic of the sugar stick they use instead of the normal sachet or sugar cubes since it was the first time she has seen them.

Time for prezzies! As of tradition, a handmade card from Blamer with a msg, for my eyes only.

My Christmas prezzie for her, since it's coming up anyway, thought of giving her early.

And her anniversary prezzie, a personalized 2010 calendar to put on her desk. See, it features her 2010 new hairstyle on the cover.

Such a coincidence that I had a pic of wall-e and eva in my calendar too. Telepathy???

ps: In case you guys are wondering, I have given her, her birthday present way in advance. So this year she got three prezzies instead of the usual one. 哇!赚到!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Brothers & Sisters @ KPO

A sisterly dinner outing became a brothers-and-sisters-chill-out-session cuz Fling flew us kite @ the very last min :P Fling, you must compensate us next time round! With Miao still at work, we proceed to KPO to find the guys (Ryan & ZZG) first. Ron got summoned by Ryan and promptly arrived 30 mins later.

10 bottles of Corona b4 Happy Hour ends

Fling & Joe, please kindly superimpose yourselves into the picture. Oh, Qian can do the job, judging by her new-found talent!

The brothers were surprisingly enthusiastic in giving tips to Qian on her "mission"; trust them to come up with those ideas; omg!

Ron keep suan-ing Qian the whole night. They behaved as if they 贴错门神 , with the joke on Qian being a slut, lol. Qian decided to strangle Ron to take revenge.

While Qian & Ron were bickering @ one end of the table, Miao & ZZG decided to show their affection for each other :P

Finally, we have the real couple who were sitting on the fence like me, watching the drama unfold.

I decided to join the ranks of the affectionate couple :)

We ordered their homemade chips as snacks after a round of drinks. My my, the chips are super addictive! Even ZZG couldn't resist it :) A must-try snack @ KPO, rem that!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pauline in SG

My work-partner-in-crime back in SG for a short visit :) Off to lunch @ Coffee Club!

Sometimes, I wonder if people working aboard will miss local food like I do whenever I am overseas. I will indulge in laksa, chicken rice, curry chicken & lots more when I come back from a long trip. I still remember Leecher laughing his ass off when I circled around Changi Airport for chicken rice when we came back from our Japan trip.

Braving the sun for this picture :) Can't wait to see Pauline again next week in the office!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Something Extra

When I asked for 3 words, 8 letters ......

Leecher replied with 4 words, 15 letters :)

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Tim & Jonathan in SG office

Tim & Jonathan were in SG office last Sep for a week. Besides the usual product updates, reviews and meetings, we played host and brought them out for feasting & boozing!

Peranakan Food @ Mama Chin, Circular Road.

The peranakan laksa & popiah were chef recommendations! We all ordered the set meal which comes with drinks + main + desserts @ $10.

Chilled drinks for our guests as they were not accustomed to SG weather.

Julian Hee look alike? Hee, that was my first impression when I met Jonathan for the 1st time! Even Andrew agrees with me.

Drinks session @ Post Bar, Fullerton

Another of my fave chill out place, besides Morton.

Indian Food @ Muthu's Curry, Suntec

Tim was game to try out fish head curry and before you know it, we arrived @ Muthu's Curry.

We had to order 1 dish each and soon, the table was filled to the brim. Fortunately, we had Andrew's bottomless pit to help with the food :)

Tim attempted to try the fish eye after hearing stories about John's adventures previously. Elliott & Andrew were secretly betting if he would chicken out at the last min.

The great leap of faith!

Group picture, as always!

Raclette @ Wine Company, Robertson Quay

We decided to go Swissy this time and went for Raclette @ Wine Company. Raclette is essentially melted cheese, served over boiled potatoes with lots of ground black pepper, accompanied by small pickled onions and gherkins. The name comes from the French verb "racler", to scrape, because of the way the melted cheese is scraped off the block.

Elliott looking through the wine list; deciding which are the best wines to go with the cheese.

Different types of cheese on display.

I am starting to drool just by looking at these pictures.

Look at the melted cheese; I can literally smell the fragrance of it whilst typing this entry. Must be my neighbours cooking some cheesy stuff.

We ended the night @ Pump Room for booze and playing 终级密码. I was lucky to escape with 2 drinks as forfeit while Natasha and Jonathan were on par with 6 drinks each! On a side note, congrats to Tim for having his first baby! His daughter shares the same birthday as me, so he won't have the excuse for forgetting my birthday in future :)
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