Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year Eve dinner @ Bliss

We had our New Year Eve dinner @ Bliss (a restaurant located in the middle of Punggol Park) with Dennis+Ariel and their frens.

Here a picture of us walking to Bliss:

Cam-whoring while waiting for the food to come:

The Lim brothers + their GFs

The other pair of brothers + their GFs

Finally, the drinks are here ... Mikeshakes + Mocktails (no alcohol cuz all are driving, hee)

We ordered 3 different types of mocktail, but somehow, we can't really differentiate between the drinks, since they all looked the same to me

Leecher's drink - shirley temple (glass with 1/2 orange-white colour); my drink - Tutti-Frutti (orange colour glass) and Dennis's drink - lemon frizz (glass with lemon by the side) tasted like soda water and we concluded that its the worst drink ever.

First up: bangels + mash. Since Dennis is a pro waiter, we decided to let him have the honour of serving us, heehee.

Us enjoying the food and our seat happens to overlook the Punggol pond. Breezy evening with nice food, perfect combination, yummy!

Other sides dishes ...

This luncheon fries (deep-fried luncheon meat cut into strips) is apparently Leecher's fave. He been "requesting" for it ever since we sat down at the restaurant.

Look at his anticipating face when the food finally came:

Dennis's before and after look when he finally tasted the luncheon fries

Haahaa, i totally agree with him!

Time for the main course: salmon and foie gras + beef.

The foie gras was super pathetic, couldn't even taste it. Think the ones that I had at Just Steak and One Rochester were definitely better. The salmon was still not bad.

After a night of feasting, it's time for Mahjong. Poor Dennis really couldn't play with 3 other gals, for he didn't even game in the first round. When we finally reached the last game of the 2nd round, the salt fish managed to flip and ended the night with:

Not a bad start to Year 2008. Everyone: HUAT AR!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sweet Tooth + Baby Shower

Canele Petisserie Chocolatier

Brought Leecher to this cafe, to let him sample some cakes which I think is quite nice. This cafe is located at the basement of Paragon (opposite Subway, if I remember correctly) Cosy little place with only 5-6 tables inside.

Presenting our orders:

Leecher ordered this Chocolate cake and its yummy. A bit on the sweet side, but still tastes good!

I ordered the Cookies Cheesecake, nice and love the cookies!

The cakes are slightly pricey, our total bill came to around 15 bucks. Wanted to try other cakes, but we were too full for anything else. Will definitely be back for more!


Went to Bakerinz (my fave dessert place) to have some desserts, since I was craving for sweet stuff. We ordered the 3 tapas:

In love with creme brulee, I finished it myself (Leecher only managed to snatch a bite, haha)

Since Bakerinz doesn't serve water, Leecher decided to order this Citrus Cool drink. Tasted just like passionfruit, haha

Bought the cakes to celebrate the December babies bdae in the household (me + brother). Mummy instructed on 8 cakes, so that we will have a HUAT year (she didn't know that each cake costs an average of $6.50 each, thus the instructions on 8 cakes, haha)

Even the packaging is in Mummy's fave shade of purple. (there are only 6 cakes, the 2 chocolate cakes have vanished before I could take a picture of it)

Here are the 3 cakes that we have tasted: (can't really remember the names of the cakes)

The macaroon tastes too sweet on its own, while the raspberry tastes sour. When combined together, its not really that bad but I won't say that its that delicious as well.

This cake (I think its named desire) is definitely pretty to look at, couldn't bear to eat it in the first place. The flowers are made of white and dark chocolate and it tasted good. However, the cake is too "rough" and the chocolate is too sweet for our liking.

Personally, i think the mango cake is the best out of the 3, though Mummy thinks that the cakes are only pretty to look at, but not delicious and definitely not worth the price tag.

Well, quite disappointing with the cakes but I will still love Bakerinz for their wonderful desserts!

PS: for the other 3 cakes, didn't manage to take close-up pictures for they were given to my cousins when they came visiting.

Baby Shower for Little Isaac @ Pasir Ris

A belated baby shower was thrown for Isaac at downtown east chalet on 29 Dec 2007. Isaac is the first born of the 5th generation in the household (yes, my great-grandmother is still around and I am the 4th generation, haha)

Look at how cute he is =) Leecher carried him when he was fast asleep, while I quickly snapped the pictures first before he wakes up. He now weighs around 5kg and is growing up fast!

To see more pictures of my little nephew(i am an aunt now), you can visit his blog at

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Xmas Presents

Leecher decided to leech on me again when I told him that my boss gave me Taka vouchers as my Xmas present.

So, we went shopping for gifts to exchange for xmas day. Here's our gifts for each other, nicely wrapped up: (I only got 1 gift, while Leecher got 3 gifts, talk abt unfair treatment, hmp)

Leecher "bought" the Shiseido moisturiser set as my Xmas gift (well, he just leech on my vouchers, haha)

I bought him 2 sets of DKNY perfume - for day and night use+ freebies:

Other Xmas presents received:
Face towel (from Ivy - thanks!)

Swarovski necklace from my mentor (thanks!)

On a separate note, the FENICS team surprised me with my first LV as my bdae present, OMG, loving it totally!

And lastly, chocolates to celebrate this Xmas day!

Yummy =)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

First time at Pasta De Waraku Central

It was just after Christmas, back to work. Perhaps still feeling the need to pamper ourselves, (oso bought over $91 worth of clothes for Blamer, need to get her to treat me back) we decided to have lunch at Pasta De Waraku located at Central Shopping Mall.

I have long wanted to try this but everytime we came, there was always a long queue. Maybe it was year end, no much of a lunch crowd... We even managed to get a window seat overlooking the Singapore River.

See me in my work wear with tie and all... ...

Think Blamer's dressing is a bit slack for work right?

Anywaz, the food...

I think every order of a main dish comes with a small bowl of salad as appetiser. Quite like the dressing on the salad, not your normal thousand island, but what I think is a soy sauce base dressing.

This is our side dish, think it is called crispy tofu cubes or something like tat. Taste like twisters to me, or those Jap junk food. Not bad as a munchy over drinks or something.

Blamer ordered this Spicy Prawn Cabonara. Notice the red pile of stuff on top, it's the chilli, really unique way of presentation yeh? And if u were to look closely enuf, u shld be able to spot a semi-liquid egg yolk underneath the red pile of chilli, Blamer totally missed it initially, until she scrapped away the chilli. The pasta is a bit hard, but I find it chewy. Very flavourful, sauce is thick and prawns succulent. Value for money I would think, and definitely filling.

My order is the Seafood Gratin, with scallops, prawns and squids. I think this really taste not bad. Very cheesy, although the bowl is relatively small compare with the ones they used to contain the pasta, the quantity is actually just nice. Sauce is milky with a zest of tomato so that you wun get kind of sick from all the milk and cheese. Thumbs up for this dish. Although I read on some other reviews that the Scallop and Crab Roe Gratin is also a must try.

And if u haven notice by now... Dun u think all the pics came out pretty nicely? Very clear and sharp? Ha ha ha, all these taken by my trusty Sony Ericsson K810i Camera Phone.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Footprints in London - Food!

Training Week @ London Office - FOOD =)

Wanted to blog abt my training wk, but I gathered that everyone will be bored to death reading what I have learnt, thus, I decided to blog abt food instead, hee.

I used to think that London doesn't have much food variety, but I was so wrong! Well, some taste not too bad, while some sucks totally. Here's what I have eaten during my 5 days in the office.

I was craving for Asian food, Remi + Anne took us out for lunch at this restaurant near our office. I ordered the Malaysian curry, but sad to say, I think my mum can cook better.

Ordered this sandwich, sucks totally. If not for my chilli sauce, I think I won't be able to eat this at all.

This honey-spicy chicken bagel was not bad. Bought this at a bagel shop at Liverpool station and was hot when they packed it. A 3 mins walk back to the office, it was cold |||

This green curry cost a freaking 15 pounds (45 Sing), not too bad (the cashew nuts saved the day). I hereby conclude that hotel food sucks totally. Last time I ordered room service from them.

Krispy Kreme! Managed to find a stall located at Liverpool station. Bought 2 (chocolate-coated with sprinkles and original-glazed) to try. With my daily dosage of PG tips, heavenly. (a pity that the donuts were not warm and slightly sweet, but nevertheless, tasty)

I wanted to try sausages and mash, thus, Anne and Remi brought us to this S&M cafe (which I brought Leecher to when he arrived in London)

I ordered the traditional Mix (2 sausages + mash) and it was good! People who know me will know that I am not the biggest fan of mash, but this mash is one-of-a-kind. Remi's order of traditional English Breakfast. I think this is the only decent and delicious meal that I had so far ....

This cheerful-looking shop is located near the hotel and it's the must-visit place for cheap and good breakfast. This is traditional English breakfast, which costs 2.50 pounds. I only managed to finish 1/2 of it. Trevor finished everything and he was so full that he waited till its 4pm before he went to grab lunch.

Had my chocolate croissant with PG tips, love it.

Went to this traditional English pub for drinks before heading for dinner. Requested for a picture with Richard (my boss). He looks totally like a family-man, heehee.

We had our Support Team dinner at this award-winning CANTEEN restaurant (which, once again, Leecher requested for me to bring him to). It was packed with people though it's a Wednesday night.

George with his fish, Sarah's order of pie + vegetables (according to her, it's yummy) and my order of roasted chicken. There was no chilli sauce to go with and at one point in time, I was super tempted to take out the McDonald's chilli sauce in my bag. However, well, must think of my image, so I ate it as it is ... still not too bad.

Dessert time! Pie with a scope of vanilla ice-cream, jelly + ice-cream with traditional short-bread.

Looks like after the Sausage + Mash meal, every meal in London is getting better and better. Remi brought me to this Italian restaurant and the name of the restaurant is ME-N-U ( i thought it's MENU at first, haha)

When my pizza came, I was shocked. It was sooooo huge, almost covering the whole of my face *faint* but it's delicious!

Of cuz, here's a picture of me, posting with my huge pizza (I had a good hair-day, yeah!)

Richard (my boss) told me that I must try London Pride before I leave London, so the gang brought me to this traditional English pub for drinks. I ordered the half-pint London Pride and it's not too bad (I don't really like alcohol), but nevertheless, I didn't finished it, haha. I prefer Remi's drink (sweet and fruity with a tinge of alcohol), but I can't remember the name of it, haiz =(

This is my favourite meal in the whole of London, GREEK food. Remi brought us to this Greek restaurant near her place and it was one of John's fave restaurant. OMG, I totally love the food and decor of the place!

We ordered the meat and fish platter. The 2 racks that you see are actually different kinds of "sauces" (can't remember the exact word to describe) to go with the bread (see the top of the rack)

I didn't touch the Greek salad (which later became Remi's lunch the day after), but it was yummy according to Trevor.

Had the beef meat-balls, chicken wings and lamb. Not a fan of lamb, but I must say its quite delicious. I decided to try the olive, yucks, spit it out immediately while Trevor and Remi had a good laugh over it.

This meal costs 55 pounds, which I picked up the tab for thanking Remi for the warm welcome that she gave to us.

On the last day of training, Anne brought us to Dirty Dicks for English Fish and Chips, yummy!

And my last dinner of my training week, I had this:

Packed chicken wrap with mineral water, haha. Quite anti-climax, but because everyone was busy, I was too paiseh to ask them to bring me out for dinner. So I went to pack this back to the hotel to eat, counting down to the time whereby Leecher will set foot in London.
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