Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good "Eat Out" at Lucky Plaza

Tired of the typical restaurants located along Orchard Road, my Indonesian colleague recommended that me and Blamer can try out the less mainstream eat outs at Lucky Plaza.

Ayam Bakar - I think this is located on the 3rd flr (or is it 2nd flr??) Anyways their signature dishes I supposed are the ones with the more blowed up pics, hence I ordered their grilled chicken rice while Blamer went for the fried version.

Condiments consisting of the regular sambal chilli on the right and the more unconventional one which I usually come across when I order Mee Soto at those Malay stores. It is still chilli sauce just that black soy sauce was used as the base I think.

The chicken came. It's interesting that for Indonesian cruisines, they usually serve it with the peanut thingy (red arrow pointing), this has quite an acquired taste which both Blamer and me can't get used to. The chicken frankly is a tad too hard both for the grilled and the fried. The sauce on the grilled chicken was also too sweet for me.

Nevertheless, just look at the background, the eatery was still packed but mainly with Indonesians.

After the meal, Blamer brought me to a Filipino eatery (this is definitely located on the 3rd flr), where they sell handmade kueh.

We picked two. One sweet corn and the other is black glutinous rice I think. The brownish flakes are fried grated coconut. Texture is quite chewy, prefered the corn to the glutinous rice in terms of taste. Very fragrant, the sweetness of corn bursting in your mouth with very bite.

All-in-all, this is a real economy way to fill ur stomach. Total cost less than SGD30 for two.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

We're back!

Been quite a while since we last updated our blog, hopefully our readers are still around :) Lots of overdue posts coming up (hopefully I have time to clear the pics in my XD card)

First up, PC Show 2009!

Yes the long-a-waited PC show for Leecher. Been bugging me for a laptop ever since his faithful desktop gave way early this year.

Happily pointing the brochures, but no no, I already have the criterias of the laptop in mind.

Look @ the crowd! Where got recession? People were busy snapping up laptops, cameras, TV etc. At least it boasts the economy :)

Xiaoqiang came to the PC show with us to offer his advices - thanks a lot! That's me with my lucky draw coupons after paying for Leecher's lappy :( Burst a hole in my pocket.

Fast-forward to 2 weeks later (after enduring to Leecher's constant whinning abt the unknown arrival date of his laptop) ... the laptop is finally here!

The saviour! I need not endure Leecher's nagging anymore :P

Busy looking through the components of the package.

Engrossed in reading the starter kit (and ignoring me, that asshole!)

He even got a new mouse to match his new laptop.

Leecher's new gadget :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Whisk Cafe

Since the removal of the underpass from Orchard MRT to Wisma, Leecher & me seldom walked into Wisma Atria. Instead, we prefer to head towards Taka & Tangs, where we will feel "more @ home" :)

One fine day, during the Isetan sale, we walked over to Wisma from Scotts. To our surprise, we chanced upon this little cafe hidden at a corner.

Strange, dent dent's flash can't seem to work here. Nevertheless, that's me posing with the cafe signboard.

Cat-themed cafe; not a cat lover; but the place "feels" cosy with the fake windows/doors/fences.

All the attention was on us for the restaurant was pretty empty, given that it was already 9.15pm when we strolled in.

Famished after battling with the crowd @ Isetan sale, we placed our orders instantly.

Leecher's order of Rosie's half-roast, which basically is roasted half-chicken coupled with potato & wedges. The chicken was slightly tough but the seasoning was pretty decent.

Still got time to pose a "spokesperson" picture with Heinz chilli sauce?

My order of Mikimo pasta (no idea why it's named Mikimo though) - which is actually beef with poached egg and tsuyu cream sauce. Yummy and highly sinful. Beef was very tender! Even Leecher can't help but steal the food from my plate :)

Carrot cake as dessert ~ unqiue taste that only carrot cake lovers will appreciate. Unfortunately, we are not part of the group. Nevertheless, we were slightly whisked by the mains that they offered. Will be back for more!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Line -- Binging on Food

It's been a while since we came back to Shangri-La. The much talked abt buffet --- The Line

As all seasoned international buffet eaters, cheong the cold dish first. Usually, this is the section where u will find most of the expensive items. Wa ha ha, must get ur money worth right?

Whoa, just look at our selection of oysters, mussels, crayfish, prawns, scallops and snow crabs.

Wat's more, they offered us free flow of drinks, juices, beer and wines. Technically, it's not really free cos we got to know in the end that we had to pay sgd20 for the beverages.

Oh and the guys at the cold dish section was really game to pose for Blamer's camera.

They offer really fresh sashimi at the Japanese counter.

After whacking most of the raw/cold foods, it's time for some hot food. Hmm where to next?

Since Blamer has close ties to the Indian culture in her work, she chided me to try out some Indian cuisines.

All the different curries to go with their naan. The naan is a staple in the Indian's food culture, equivalent to our Chinese version of rice.

Surprisingly, the Indian food is quite delicious! And Blamer told me over 80% of Indians in India are vegetarian. Really?

Next section is the Chinese food, with cereal prawns, some greens, lotus rice and steamed fish in soy sauce.

The Dim Sums, but Blamer and I din really take much from these sections. Need to save some space for other stuffs.

Chili crabs and braised duck, two of Blamer and my fav, hence must take a bit.

After some much rich food. We need to take a break for something light. Salads and tapas anyone?

I like the crab salad the most.

This cooked salmon is also quite refreshing to the palate.

Drunken prawns. I reckon at all buffets, this is a guaranteed fresh dish, cos most outlets would use live prawns for this dish and only cooked them when the customer orders.

Blamer can't wait to swallow the prawns whole without shelling them.

They serve Laksa too, but advise to take just one bowl to share.

Roast duck with plum sauce. But I dun think it is very nice.

Roast beef and ostrich meat. Wow, so exotic. Actually there's crocodile meat but I missed that round.

Since I am a soup person, can't resist drinking the fish maw and miso soup.

Yeah the dessert section. I heard from my colleagues that their desserts is a must try.

Cream Brulee

Some cakes

These were Blamer's pick

And how can they dun have the all popular chocolate fondue.

However, Blamer restricted me to only two sticks... ...

She on the other hand, just took as much as she wants... Unfair!

And she actually went to get ice-cream... ...

The end product.

Oh and nearing the end of the meal, I discovered a shocking thing about Blamer. She actually cannot do the cross-eyed expression without some external help... ...

Like this wa ha ha ha

Yeah two satisfied tummies.
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