Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Family Outing: Arrival at Pengerang

Hello, am at KL airport now while waiting for my flight back to Singapore. Another 30 min to boarding time, so I thought I'll do a quick entry since I'm done with my meeting notes. The journey continued with us arriving at Pengerang dock. 
Saw the 1st boat that depart from the ferry terminal. This ferry was filled up with bikers, which we subsequently saw them at the immigration counter.  
 Uncle Captain steered his lil boat into a berth & I finally caught side of his weathered boat which must have survived many storms in the sea. Somehow, the rustic feel reminded me of my old kampong house, where I have stayed before I went to primary school.
 One by one, we got off the boat. Even though it was stated that the last boat leaves at 4pm, sometimes, it could be earlier as long as there are 12 pax filling up the boat. Hence, we booked our return trip back with the same uncle by paying a deposit of $50. Having settled our return journey, it was time to head out for breakfast. 
We were the only ones at the Customs & we could already see the taxi uncles waiting for us outside. 小舅's family came the weekend before and he got the contacts of the taxi drivers. While we were onboard the ferry, Melvin called the taxi uncle to arrange for our transport.
Taxi shuttle b/w the dock and Sungai Rengit (the nearby town) for RM5/person or RM20/car. We booked the car for one full day (with 2 destinations) & paid approx RM160/car. We were all famished so the taxi uncles brought us to Sungai Rengit for breakfast. It was around 20 min journey to town center.
The initial plan was to have 肉骨茶, but we ended up at Sin Yuan tea house where we can have a variety of food.
 Freshly made 猪肠粉.
Can't wait to start breakfast! We ordered a lot of food for sharing :) 
My fave has to go to the plate of pork belly! So crispy & tender, we had seconds for this :) With our stomach loaded with food, we headed to our 1st destination.    
Sin Yuan Tea House
Sungai Rengit, Pengerang

Monday, July 29, 2013

Family Outing: Heading to Pengerang Part Three

 Part One, Part Two
Hello everyone! Monday yet again, lol! I thought I'll be well-rested during the weekend, but I was sooo wrong. We attended a wedding on Sat & I was dead tired by the time we reached home. I guess I really need to spend more time connecting with my bed :) There are times when I will wake up in the morning and feel extremely tempted to take a day of leave and spend my day sleeping. 
Back with another entry on our journey to Pengerang, lol! I know, 3rd entry & yet we are still on the way - reminded me of how often the brothers will say "on-the-way" & what they really meant was I'm-just-stepping-out-of-my-house-and-on-the-way-to-meet-you. #truestory.
It was approx 1hour journey to Pengerang. For the first 15 min on board the ferry, I was busy snapping away on my camera, which pretty much drained off my battery towards the mid-day & I didn't bring my spare batt :(
Spotted the famous in-house ferry that takes our army boys to Tekong, lol! Yes, I did wave "HI" to them #justforfun.
The breeze made it sooo enticing to catch a nap, which Roger did!
 There were certainly interesting things to look out in the midst of the sea as well. We spotted this huge vessel named "Pacific Harrier", built in 2012 & sailing under the flag of Cyprus. It looked enormous next to our tiny boat.  
 The boat ride was better than I had expected, so I got up and did some stretching. Well, nothing to explore on board apart from walking 10 steps to and fro.

Benjamin didn't join us this time round, but Ervin made it for this trip.

The "elder" boys in the group, lol!

I'm sure you can tell that I was starting to get bored. I showed my China colleagues some of these pictures during the Sales Conference. She commented that Leecher & me looked very 恩爱. I responded by rolling my eyes. When I came back, I told Leecher that my China colleague said we very 恩爱 and guess what! Leecher rolled his eyes too, lol! Is that what you call telepathy?

Still cruising along to our destination. The boat ride was really better than expected! I was all braced for sea state 4 or 5, but I would rank this a 0.
Leecher looked out and spotted this 
Yeah, finally arrived at our destination :)

Let the adventure begins!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Family Outing: Heading to Pengerang Part Two

The month of July was filled with activities, almost every weekend! We went to Pengerang for a day trip with the other family (Part 1 here), attended Yen's baby shower & I flew to London on the same day for a week of conference. Will be attending Kaiwei & Yanni's wedding (both church & dinner) this coming weekend. I know I'm slacking behind on our honeymoon trip, but I'll come to that later, lol! Mental reminder not to blog on 2 travel trips concurrently next time. 
  Back to our Pengerang adventures - it was almost 7.30am before we board the ferry to the destination. We managed to catch the sunrise, something that I have not done in ages! 
The sun rose up slowly, filling up the sky with its bright rays. It's amazing how Mother Nature nv fails to impress me. I have caught sun rise in various places when traveling (scaling up Mt Batur in Bali was one of the most memorable), but seldom in Singapore. Guilty me like to sleep in most weekends, so by the time I'm up, the sun is already up in the sky.
As we cruised near the edge of Changi Park Beach, we saw a lot of tents on the grass patches. This park is certainly popular for overnight family picnics! I even spotted a couple of them fishing. 
We traveled with 2 other "strangers" to form the group of 12. These 2 strangers looked like regulars shifting b/w Singapore & Pengerang. One of them was reading her newspaper on board the ferry, while I was praying that the journey will be smooth.
Off we head go, in the direction of Pengerang.
It was certainly interesting trying to identify places as we traveled near the coast line. That goes to show how "bad" we are in geography!
This is our friendly captain for the day. Uncle is rather soft-spoken, but always ready for a picture :) 
with 小舅, 小舅妈 & mummy-in-law.
The sea was pretty calm, so the first half of the journey was quite smooth. I still remembered I was rather sea-sick on my first trip to Phuket, even though we were traveling on a large ship to Phi Phi island. 
 Soon, the sun rays were upon us and but that didn't stop me from snapping away :)
 4D anyone? Just like cars, boats need to be licensed as well - be it for commercial or private. Nice number, but we didn't win any money that night, lol. 
Have to head off now, but will be back with another entry on Pengerang soon! Tata :) 
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