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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shanghai Oct Biz Trip 2011 P2

Another day in Shanghai. Ordered breakfast once I woke up and this came promptly by the time I was out from shower.

As much as I wanted to head down for a sit down breakfast, I had to settle my breakfast in the room before our morning meeting.

Took a cab over to client's place, only to realise that they were actually within walking distance from the hotel. Pudong area used to be mainly farmland and countryside with some warehouses and wharfs near the shore. The Chinese government decided to set up a Special Economic Zone in Chuansha, henceforth, creating the Pudong New Area, where the western tip was designated as Lujiazui Finance and Trade zone, which became the new financial hub of modern China.

Lunch with client along the row of restaurant @ Lujiazui.

Back to the hotel to work on some documents, before we decided to head out for a short walk.

Grand Melia Hotel is situated within walking distance to the Oriental Pearl Tower & Ocean Aquarium Park. We weren't interested in looking at fishes, so we headed straight to the Tower.

Against the backdrop of the evening sun.

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV tower is the most distinct landmark in Pudong area. According to Wiki, the design on the building is said to be inspired by the chinese instrument, pipa.

Cameras started clicking away as soon as you stepped out from the lift.

The skyline that mainly consisted of buildings. Everything looked puny!

We bought the most expensive tickets which entitled us to go several floors up. The 电梯小姐 are friendly when reciting their lines, otherwise, be careful not to step on their toes. They will not hesitate to reply your queries in a harsh (rude) manner.

Gorgeous sunset!

Ambassadors from various countries penning their well-wishes.

Eric is very camera shy and won't post for any pictures for me, so I have to take one while he wasn't looking :)

Playing with my own reflection, haha! Was under-dressed for the weather turned chilly when the sun is setting.

We headed for the upper observation platform, which has an outside area with a glass floor. I'm not scared of heights, but it took me a while before I dared to inch closer towards the middle. Before long, I was near the edge and taking pictures, lol!

Went back to the hotel to change into my jeans and put on a thicker jacket for more protection against the cold weather.

Chit chat session over dinner and desserts. As I interact with different departments within the same (client) company, it's always interesting to learn about others work roles! Enriching, I must say :)

Quick breakfast before heading out for an early meeting, as we were scheduled to fly back later in the afternoon.

During our journey for lunch, I caught sight of Raffles City! This building, like Raffles City Singapore, sits above the intersection of 3 subway lines. It is also within walking distance of the famous Nanjing Pedestrian Street and the legendary Bund.

Owen recommended this small eatery 佳家汤包, located at a dodgy ally, which serves superb 汤包! As we were there after lunch hours, most of the hot-selling 汤包 were sold out. We had to settle for the available items. Hence, we ordered a mixture of seafood, pork and chicken 汤包. They were freshly made on the spot, so be prepared to wait for 15-20 mins for the food to arrive. A point to note - this shop will close for the day, as soon as the items are sold out, so don't adhere to the opening hours that you may see.
90 Huanghe Lu, by Fengyang Lu
Shanghai, China.
Opposite 佳家汤包 is 小杨生煎, which sells 生煎包 or pan-fried dumplings. This stall is supposedly very famous. The broth literally oozes out, or rather, spills out when you bit into the bun!
60 Wujiang Road,
Shanghai, China

Time for us to board the flight - was famished after our meeting and we needed to have food before boarding the plane. The only restaurant available (and monopolizing the area!) serves all kinds of food. Eric had a sandwich while I went for Korean (maggi) mee.

Finally, time to board the flight! And, that pretty much concluded my China on-location experience. I wonder when will be the next time I'll be heading there ~

Monday, August 27, 2012

Shanghai Oct Biz Trip 2011 P1

The start of another work-week & the countdown to Friday begins as soon as Sunday evening. Finally done with the Bali trip, and henceforth, shall kick-start a series of travel post for this week - a working trip to Shanghai. Yr 2011 was a fruitful year for me, as I added China market to my portfolio. As such, I was given the opportunity to travel to Beijing in May & subsequently, Shanghai in October. I was pretty stressed out over this Shanghai trip, as I did the trip 10 days before my wedding. So, we decided that it should be a short trip of 3D2N.

8 mins journey to the departure gate.

On the phone with Leecher as I walked to the gates.

Finally reached!

The flight that will take us from SG to Shanghai - I went with Eric for this trip for info gathering and also, to visit some of my clients.

yum yum! comfort food onboard :)

Arrived at Gran Melia Shanghai, our stay for this trip as recommended by one of our SG clients.

The hotel is located at Pudong District, in the centre of Lujiazu - one of the most dynamic location. Pudong is the financial heart of the banking corporations of Asia, henceforth, it was our 1st choice of stay, as we were within walking distance to all the clients that we wanted to visit. Ideally, one of our client was situated in the building next to the hotel.

Staying on the 25th floor. I love checking into different hotels during my trips. I'm not a loyal (brand) hotel stayer (though Shangri-la is still one of my fave!) and the rewards points don't really entice me to stay loyal with a particular chain of hotels.

View from my room, overlooking the financial district.

Freshen up, changed a new set of outfit and off for a quick bite before meetings.
Gran Melia Shanghai
1288 Lujiazui Ring Road
200120, Shanghai, China
Tel: 86 2138678888

Our client took us out for dinner, for some shanghainese cuisines. 6 dishes to be shared amongst the 3 of us.

Lastly, ended the night at the river, with hot chocolate and coffee in our hands and enjoying the scenery.

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