Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Men ...

Been with Leecher for 27 months, but sometimes, he nv fails to surprise me with his &^^%&%*&$ (not sure what is the correct phrase, so you can go and fill in the blank)

Incident 1 (on MSN)

Leecher: dear, your posts getting boring leh.
Me: den you blog lo
Leecher: but all the pictures with you, I cannot blog
Me: I can send you the pictures, so you can blog
Leecher: don't want lah, u blog better
Me: I thought u just said that my posts are getting boring?
Leecher: ......

Incident 2 (on phone)

Leecher: I want to kun already, v tired, tml still need to wake up early for work.
Me: ok, bye
Leecher: bye
(me put down the phone and switched off the lights)

3 seconds later, my hp rang - Leecher's house number displayed

Leecher: dear, you 变了
Me: huh? what you mean?
Leecher: You will always say "我要挂电话了"before you hang up, but tonight u nv say ...
Me: I thought you say you want to sleep already, so I saved you the effort of answering one question, so that you can sleep earlier ma.
Leecher: ok lo
Me: so, you want me to ask you?
Leecher: can can
Me: 我要挂电话了, ok?
Leecher: (finally appeased) ok, good night!
Me: good night. ^__^

Haiz ....

Footprints in Sydney - Sydney Tower

Jamie took me to Sydney Tower Restaurant for lunch - it's a revolving restaurant and the ideal location to enjoy all Sydney has to offer from over three-hundred metres above the city centre spanning its gorgeous harbour across to the blue mountains

*Leecher is so going to kick himself in the ass when he sees this post - Buffet with lots of food *
The salad bar - which I only walked over to take pictures, not really a fan of greens. Think Leecher would love this, since he has been eating greens recently in a weak attempt to diet. (He always ends up eating more when he is on his so-called diet, haha)

That's Jamie and me :)

All kinds of bread, but funny I don't see any soup around ...

Starters ~ seafood galore!

The oysters are so fresh - seriously, I think they're better than the ones that I ate at Morton's

Prawns - I happen to eat around 3/4 of this plate, haha.

Meat section with some Asian fare

I think the chicken wings + samosa (hidden below) are not bad ~

Beef, lamb and Kangaroo's meat - tried a small piece, very chewy but I don't think I will want a 2nd round ...

Dessert Bar - there's always room for dessert in my stomach though I was already full to the brim ...

Not a fan of puffs, but the strawberry-filled puffs taste pretty decent.

Definitely must take picture in the restaurant ~ nice view right?

To Leecher - a picture for you to compensate for not being there, wa ha ha...

Returned back to the office when I stumbled upon ....

OMG, all just 2 streets from my office, arg! I wanna move to Sydney ~

Went to buy chocolates for Leecher and family ~ purposely bought the Easter egg for Leecher to munch on.

Self-check at the hotel before leaving for my dinner, haha ....

Decided to walk over to the Harbour Bridge again to see it in the night - looking magnificent in the background

The Opera House at night - I still prefer it in the day time ~

Stopped for dinner at the restaurant along the river - my last chance at eating seafood - ordered scallops. OMG, its super juicy and grilled to perfection with cheese. I am still mesmerised by the taste of this as I am typing this out ~

Salmon - pales in comparison with the scallops but still pretty delicious.

That pretty much wrapped up my short stay in Sydney - would definitely want to go back again, maybe with Leecher :) *hint hint to Leecher, wa ha ha*

Footprints in Sydney - Opera House

Woke up at 7.30am (4.30am SG time) to prepare for work - must be punctual on my 1st day to the office, haha. Ordered the pancakes, sucks totally ~ concluded that room service food sucks!
View from my room, the clock tower reminds me of "Hunchback of Notre Dame"

I adore the lift, its full of mirrors that guests can do last min check before meeting their clients in the lobby.

Reached office punctually at 9am (6am SG time, I am still in dreamland). Pretty small office and I wasn't used to it, but its cosy and everyone seems to know everyone.

Jamie took me out for some sight-seeing, since its my 1st visit there - we walked to the Harbour Bridge, oh, it looks so majestic! How I wish I got the time to climb to the top.

Next stop: Sydney Opera House ~ Woohoo ....

I didn't walk into the Opera House to take a look, no time no time....I will remember to do so next time I am in Sydney. That's the view from the walk along Opera House ~ clear robin blue sky with fluffy clouds and the sea breeze.

We had thin crust pizza at the restaurant - I ordered seafood while Jamie ordered the spicy chicken (i think). Not that bad, but there's still room for improvement.

Did some shopping at Coles Supermart after work. Bought some snacks - Tim Tams and chocolates!

It was still early, so I ventured out on my own. Walked to Supre (and surprisingly, its still open at 6pm) but came out empty-handed. Still think that they have more variety online that in stores.

Walked over to Darling Harbour- which is the "buzz" place , as recommended by my colleague.

That's the monorail station, something like our LRT - but I didn't have a chance to ride on it.

The tracks are like just a few meters above the ground, so when the train comes, you can actually see it in full glory above your head.

Walking on the bridge, its only 6pm Sydney time, but you can see a lot of people getting off from work.

Harbourside Shopping Centre - didn't have the time to go inside for a walk and I presume that most of the shops would have closed by 5pm.

On the other side of the bridge is the Australian National Maritime Museum, you can see the ships on exhibit (i think)

The icon in front of the museum, so you will recognise it at first glance.

Cockle Bay Wharf - home to some of the city's best restaurants and night-spots. Cockle Bay Wharf has a fantastic position on the Eastern side of Darling Harbour, with fantastic harbour views and fresh breeze off the water, and it glitters with the lights of Sydney.

The trouble with going on business trip alone is that you cant have nice pictures taken, haiz :(

Had my dinner at Nick's restaurant (as recommended by Jamie). Of cuz must eat seafood rite, if not, I will be letting myself down. (Leecher must be kicking himself in the ass now, cuz he can't enjoy the food, can only look at the pictures and drool, TOO BAD)

First up - Cockle Bay cocktail to rejuvenate myself after a long day @ work

Grilled Tiger Prawns ~ heavenly! The prawns are so juicy and fresh!

It's kind of lonely to eat dinner alone - can only sit and look at other people talk, quite sian. Decided to take a little walk after dinner ~ Cockle Bay Wharf is full of people at night, just like Boat Quay/Clarke Quay.

Night -shots of the harbour - it's kind of relaxing just sitting down at the chairs beside the harbour and enjoying the breeze.

Walked past 2 shopping complex - Queen Victoria Building & Sydney Central Unfortunately, no time to go in and shop , :(

That wrapped up my first eventful day in Syndey, more up on 2nd day.
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