Friday, May 30, 2008

U Can Fly

Remember our previous post about the balloon ride? Ha ha, never say die! We are back again, and this time... ...

Whoppee! We got the tickets!!!

Close-up on the tickets. Hee hee...

Next will be a series of balloon flight photos so that u guys will have an idea how exciting it was...

Taking off... ...

Nearly the same height as the building... ...

Going beyond the building... ...

Lift off!!!

U CAN FLY!!!!!!

And once we were up there, photo time! Blamer looked calm and composed here, but dun be fooled. She was as timid as a mouse and was having wobbly legs the whole time up there.

Magnificent view!

Tried to 自拍 but the lighting was just too bad. Dun really know how to use the night mode properly on "Dent Dent" still.

And at last, a photo of me. After much persuading (to Blamer) that it is really safe to let go of the railings and snap a pic of me before the balloon touches down. (as u can see in the background, we were coming down to "building height" already)

Finally, touch down... ...

After the scary flight (for Blamer at least), it's time to grab some food! The famous Loh Kee duck rice stall located opposite Bugis Junction.

and of cos, when u come to Bugis, shld always drop by Ah Chew's desserts.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

John's Visit to Spore office - food galore!

John, my colleague from Tokyo office dropped by SG office for the week. Always great to have him around cuz he is a food-lover, just like me ... haha :)

He always have this list of i-want-to-try-food-in-SG and I will be entrusted with the task of bringing him around to scout for the must-try food .... luckily he only comes to SG once in a while, I have my slim waist to think of :P

1st stop: Shokudo @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

We brought John there just to let him to experience the unique dining concept, for he can get authentic food in JP.

Wah, must take a picture with the Japanese warrior

but, how come this Japanese warrior doesn't look as fierce? *his tummy reminds me of someone though, hahahaha *

Got a reserved tag to put on the table to shoo off the rest who are eyeing the seats (more "high class" than the tissue-paper reserve style in CDB area. hmm, maybe I shld try to sneak one of the tags out for my own use, hahahaha ...)

Looking around before deciding on what we should get ~

Finally, decided on the mains .... coincidently, Andrew and me went for the same stall - but in different flavours.

Yeah, me with my food! And, DO NOT mention anything about my hair, yes, I cut my fringe and its a bloody mistake :(

Tried the 弹珠 drink, but it's just like flavoured soda water. I think the peach one tastes better.

Some side dishes to go along; surprisingly, the mushroom are damn good/fragrant.

There's always room in the stomach for desserts! Check out the dessert counter ~

Desserts: so-so only. The crepes was kinda thick and soggy on its own; Andrew complained that the waffles were too sweet.

John with his red-bean and mocha ice-cream crepes

while Eric ordered his all-time fave mocha & red bean ice-kachang

2nd stop: Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant @ Milliena Walk

John wanted to try the chilli crabs, but I told him that the award-winning double baked crabs are better... so we are back @ Palm Beach ... my Nth time eating at this place... not gg to complain, since its on XXX tab :)

The guys looking through the menu while I have already decided that I want the crabs - see, fast & precise.

John with his coconut drink - he can't wait to feast :)

The super crispy fried squids ... just like eating crackers!

Was surprised that they serve satay with pineapple sauce until E&A told me that it was the norm during their times .... but it does taste good ~ new experience

bamboo clams - juicy and tender

the usual greens which I didn't touch

Prawn with beancurd and salted egg york - refreshing dish, though it's kind of salty

The highlight of the night, fell in love with it ever since the double date

Who can resist taking a pic? keke

3rd stop: Mee Siam @ golden shoe

Brought John to the local hawker centre to try out our local breakfast. He's game for some spicy food, so I ordered mee siam for him ...

turns out that its REALLY spicy, hahaaa. He was 1/2 sweating while eating the food, but its damn shiok lo :) I should have taken the before & after picture for comparison.

Meanwhile, I will need to prepare a list of places/food for him on his next visit :P

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Shopping ~

Shopping ~ with the Great Singapore Sale on my doorstep, who can resist contributing money to our economy?

G2000, Isetan, gg<5, m)phosis, wetseal & some pushcart stall near my workplace. I reckon that I had way too many bottoms than tops, so I concentrated on tops this time round :) I am such a disciplined shopper, haha

Well, just when I thought I was disciplined enough, Victoria Secrets came up with 25% off dresses! Arg, the dangers of online shopping ~ just click click click and you end up $X amt poorer.

Necklaces for my outfits

Got this DIVA charm necklace @ a steal of $2.50, hahaha, totally pleased with myself :)

until I realised that I had a similar one custom-made from an online site abt a yr ago ....

Lastly, where I spent most of my money on ... :(

Think I better don't count the moolahs spent, if not, I will feel the post-heartache, haha.

Happy girl for now till the next purchase :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day out @ Bugis

It's official! The DHL Balloon will end its stint in Singapore this Aug. Armed with a free coupon that entitled us to a free ride, Blamer and me decided to take our first ever balloon ride.

However, the weather forecast was too windy to take flight and we were asked to come back later, so off to lunch we go!

We are still on our hawker treats quest, hence here's another of those tasty recommendation - 结霜桥laksa!

Look at the banners and newspapers cuttings and u know this is a "can-make-it" stall located near the depot where ppl take taxis and buses to Malaysia. For the exact address, contact Blamer 'cos I think by now, all of u know I'm hopeless with directions, wa ha ha ha!

Tada, the laksa! Usually comes with big fresh clams, but this is Blamer's bowl, hence no clams.

And as all good laksa stalls out there, mackerel fish otah to go along with the laksa.

Blamer happily goofing down her laksa.

And then, we were back after lunch. However, the conditions were still not right for take off and we were turned away once again.

This time, we decided not to wander too far b'cos it was getting late and if we missed it this time, the free coupon will expire next week. Hence, it was time for a light snack at... ...

If I remember correctly, this is the flagship store of the famous apple strudel.

Our cosy seats.

The selection of strudels. They have apple (of cos), strawberry, mango and durian. Blamer order the strawberry and me, the durian (of cos much objection came from Blamer but dun care, hee hee)

Strawberry Strudel

Durian Strudel

Us enjoying our desserts.

We got turned away (for the 3rd time) due to bad weather, so guys, if u do decide to come catch the balloon for the last time, call them up to check first so that u won't be disappointed.

No ride? Den it's cam-whore time...

At least, we managed to take a photo with the balloon today. Dinner time next... ...

Ha ha, u guessed it, hawker centre time again. This time, we arrived at Maxwell food centre for their famous 金华 fish bee hoon.

The "white" version

The "fried" or "black" version.

This hand-made tofu came from the 和记粥 stall costing a $3.50 per piece. But it was nothing really special, just fried tofu. Felt cheated. sign*

Ha ha, and all the above are snacks that Blamer "da bao" for her parents. Trying to act filial siah... keke.
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