Monday, September 30, 2013

BKK Work Trip, June 2012: Dinner at Eve

It was a long day for me & instead of heading out for dinner, I chose to have my meals in the hotel restaurant. While debating on what to eat, I flipped through the guide and saw that  Hansar's four unique dining concepts - Eve, Cafe Boca, Vue and Zest - offer a wide variety of food for everyone's tastebuds. After much deliberation, I settled for Eve.
I was tempted to take a shower before going down. However, my stomach protested "loudly", so I had to change out of my heels to a pair of comfy flats and proceeded downstairs for dinner.
Service was prompt & it felt like dining with the king, haha! The seat was plush and comfy.

A basket of assorted breads came swiftly once I made my orders. 
I ordered a cocktail, but it turned out bitter & I left it untouched after several sips. The waiters saw it and asked me if the cocktail wasn't to my liking. I explained that it was too bitter for me. They immediately sent me the wine/drinks list and offered to change another drink (free-of-charge). I was really impressed by their attentiveness & service! My day is really too good to be true - I get a free room upgrade in the morning and now, I'm being treated like a queen, haha!  
I ordered an alcoholic fruit punch in the end. 
I had french foie gras (pan-fried with dehydrated raspberry, xerex jus) for starters. It was really good - it literally melts in your mouth. 
Sorbet to cleanse the palate before serving the main course. 
Atlantic Maine Lobster (pesto fergola pearls, wilted spinach & garlic herb butter)
Need to head off to bed now, good night/morning! 
Eve @ Hansar Bangkok Hotel
3 Soi Mahadlekluang 2
Rajdamri Road, Lumpini
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: +66 2209 1234

Friday, September 27, 2013

BKK Work Trip, June 2012: Arrival at Hansar Bangkok Hotel

After 3 months from my last Bangkok trip, I'm back to Bangkok again for a short 2D1N trip :) Been blogging too much on Paris then I needed a distraction, hence my itchy fingers went to click on another trip folder and ta-dah! If you have missed out on my previous Bangkok adventures (be it for work or personal), feel free to click on the BKK label for more information. Drop me an email if you have other recommendations that I should check out in Bangkok :) I'll try to slot into my ever-growing list of BKK places that I want to visit.
Pink hues to start the day!  
Was feeling a tad hungry, so headed over to Chinta Manis for a quick bite.  
Kick start my day with delectable mango sago agar agar & pulet seri kaya (layered coconut egg custard and steamed glutinous rice, all washed down with a cup of piping hot teh-o. 
I love this little corner in the airport, where I'll spend most of my time reading on materials while waiting to board the plane. The sun rays shone in through the long glass panels of windows, warming the place :) 
View from my usual seat. I get to see the planes taking off or taxi into the respective berths. 
Cute recycling bins placed around the airport. I do my part by recycling as much as possible. On every alternate Tuesdays, I'll put my recycling bags outside our place for the guys to collect it. If each one of us make a little effort to recycle, Mother Earth will be a better place to live it. So RECYCLE, please! 
Exhibits in Changi Airport. I love the fact that the airport has mini exhibitions all year around. Someone should make me an airport ambassador, haha! 
Getting ready to board the flight :)  
In-flight meal, always something to look forward to :) Perhaps age is catching up on me, I actually felt tired after just 2.5hrs flight so I took a little nap on board. 
Luggage point - I like watching luggage on the conveyer belt & spotting unusual luggages/pieces of items. At times, I'll panic if I don't spot my signature pink-ribbon-on-dark-blue-luggage after everyone else in the group has picked up their belongings. 
While I usually arranged for airport transfer from the hotel, I decided to arrange it from a private company this time round at half the price that I normally pay.
My close encounter with a lady-boy who waited for me at the meeting point area. He/She was quite friendly. With her limited vocab of english, we still managed to strike a conversation while waiting for the car to arrive.
I requested for a normal sedan, but a MPV came along at no extra charges. Well, I'm not complaining :) The sweet driver even asked me if the air-con temp is OK with me ... how attentive! 
My 2 bags that I'll bring along for business - a work bag and laptop bag. I'm hoping to change my laptop to a lighter version - didn't know laptops are that heavy till I began to carry them around.
The skies looked threatening as soon as we came out from the airport. True enough, it began to pour but miraculously stopped within a few minutes.
Sunny weather when we reached the city. In fact, the weather was so hot that it certainly didn't feel like it had rained previously.
Tuk Tuk anyone? I rode on one during our Phuket trip for experience, but I still prefer the cab anytime. In addition, these tuk tuk drivers charge exorbitant prices even for a short journey. 
Before long, I arrived at my "home" for the night. This time round, I chose to stay @ Hansar hotel based on a colleague's recommendation. I booked a room and they kindly upgraded me to a vertigo suite upon check-in, hooray! Since they are so kind, I shall do a room tour in this entry :) 
Once I enter the room, I felt immediately at home, haha! The floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, a sophisticated work desk & a lounge area completed with flatscreen TV, DVD player and iPod docking station. I could imagine myself sitting at the couch and surfing through the TV channels all day long. 
 Complimentary apples & newspaper. Now, I wish Leecher is here with me to enjoy this together.By the way, you get complimentary mini bar too.
The king-sized bed that overlooked the city - I had the view facing the swimming pool of one of the hotels nearby. This was on a raised platform & certainly doesn't feel like a hotel at all.
I really really love the bathroom! It had a bath-tub in the middle of the room, separate rooms for shower and toilet. This bathroom is sooo big that I think I could get lost inside, haha!
Plus, you have a glass panel that separates the bath area and the walk-in-wardrobe. I have to declare this as one of my best work hotel stays so far :) 
To top it off, there are his-and-her sinks. You get your own individual space, so no fighting over who gets what. There is a make-up counter set aside specially for the ladies! So, you get double the space, haha! There are 5 different types of rooms available (studio, urban, edge, vertigo and loft), so I got to stay in the 2nd largest suite that they offer :) So happy with the upgrade!
Hansar Bangkok Hotel
3 Soi Mahadlekluang 2,
Rajdamri Road, Lumpini
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: +66 2209 1234
Quick change of outfit into proper work-wear for meetings! Full-length mirror can be found in almost every corner, which makes taking outfit shots a breeze, heehee. I had a long meeting that day and didn't get back to the hotel till late. I shall blog about my dinner in the next post :) stay tuned.
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