Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Honeymoon: Dinner at Yuppies Cafe

I believe that in life, you win some & you'll lose some. We had an enjoyable time at the Lourve earlier in the day, but we didn't have much luck with our meals. I missed our lunch appointment @ Benoit, a 100th year old Parisian Bistro to get starred by the Michelin Guide; I did not have much luck with dinner either :( We headed to one of the recommended cafes only to found that it had closed down. Thus, we settled our dinner @ Yuppies Cafe, located within walking distance from the hotel.
 You get a choice of outdoor or indoor seating. We chose indoor for I wanted to escape from the cold and also, not be a victim of passive smoking. The interior was lit by these hanging lampshades in various sizes and colours. It felt as if mid-autumn festival came early, haha!
Leecher with the simple 1 page laminated menu in hand.
I can't wait for food to be served #famish! 
Like to make a guess on which glass of wine belongs to who?
In case you're wondering, we didn't finish the wine that fast. I had empty glasses on my side of the table, lol!  
If you have guessed that I went for white, sorry to disappoint you :( I went for red this time round :) Leecher ordered the white as he was having fish as his main course.
Snacks - these were extremely addictive! Goes very well with our wines too.
Waiting waiting waiting ... 
Finally, dinner is served :) Daily fish (€18) for Leecher while I went for sliced curry chicken (€16). I wanted to order burger initially, but my craving for rice was stronger. Leecher always says I'm a which literally translate into rice bucket.
Yuppies Cafe
13 Rue Montenotte
75017, Paris
Tel: 33 01 4574 5630

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