Monday, September 16, 2013

Honeymoon: Louvre, the perfect symmetry IV

I'm finally back with a proper entry :) The weekend zoomed past while I cleaned up the house - laundry, vacuuming, cleaning and whats' not. I sure missed being in HK, but it was back to reality within 4 days. Well, there is another year-end trip coming up, so that will pretty much kept me occupied for a couple of weeks. Before I digress further, here is the final entry on our trip to Louvre.
 After lunch, we spent the rest of the afternoon shopping @ ZARA before heading back to Louvre. The museum was closed by the time we walked back but that didn't deter us from lingering around to take more pictures.
Leecher standing outside Pavillion Sully. The famous structure, along with its distinctive domed roof, was named after Duc de Sully, the French minister & right-hand man of King Henry IV.
For those who are familiar with the book on Da Vinci code, it was mentioned that the pyramid was constructed with exactly 666 panels of glass - a figure that was often associated with Satan. However, the official release by Louvre museum states that the finished pyramid actually contains 673 pieces of glass panels. Well, I think no matter how many glass panels are used, this structure is easily one of the most recognized icon in the world.
In the morning, we entered the museum from the lower floors. So now, we are going to enter the museum from the pyramid entrance :)
Leecher making his way down the spiral staircase. 
Prelude to a night in the museum, lol! #moviejunkie
 We headed back to capture pics of Inverted Pyramid. The night before we leave for Amsterdam, we caught "The Da Vinci code" on HBO and I was telling Leecher that it's a sign that we have to visit Louvre, lol! This was the first Dan Brown book that I read - the storyline was so intense that I couldn't bear to put down the book, flipping pages after pages just to find out what happened.  
 Known as La Pyramide Inversee, the structure is illuminated by a frieze of spotlights after dark. Well, we didn't linger long enough to see this :(
Kids were trying to climb up the stone pyramid, in an attempt to touch the tip. They kept slipping down from the marble surface and ended up bruising their bums on the floor. Quite a funny sight to watch. 

From the book, the inverted pyramid is perceived as a Chalice (feminine symbol) whereas the stone pyramid below is a Blade (masculine symbol). The whole structure could then be expressed as the union of the genders. There is a hidden chamber underneath the stone pyramid that contains the sarcophagus with the remains of Mary Magdalene. Throughout our whole journey in Louvre, I kept irritating Leecher. When we took the lift, I would say "Hey, Robert Langdon took this lift and he starred at his mickey mouse watch". When we walk past the gallery, I'll go "Hey, we are walking in the same gallery as him!" Leecher could only stare & me and rolled his eyes, lol!
After staying underground for so long, it was time to emerge up into the open space :) 
Leaving our footprints in front of the pyramid :) Good that there were a lot of tourists around to help us take pictures - thanks to all the wonderful people who assisted us!

So, I was sitting down patiently while waiting for Leecher to adjust our camera when I noticed that hey, these "chairs" are not meant to be sat on! They are aligned strategically for us to 
Take whacky pictures, lol!
Leecher was supposed to be resting/sleeping on the side of the pyramid, but I just couldn't capture it from whichever angle. So he ended up looking stupid, lol! Not to be out-done, he made me look stupid as well.
I dont even know why we have this pose, lol! 
Well, that's what you do during holidays - being nonsensical is part of the package.
Finally, a decent jumping shot to end off our journey. Somehow, this reminded me of Jetstar's TV commercial.
As the sun slowly sets, it was time to leave the place. I was feeling abit down when we had to pack up and go, for who knows when we'll come back again. At this instant, Leecher's stomach growled loudly and it was a true signal that we should head for dinner.

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