Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Concert of 2009

Recently I got lucky and won a pair of concert tickets for dining at 螃蟹之家.

Not the Jay-Chou type of concerts but it's for a singer of my generation though...

Pan Mei Chen and Zhao Yung Hwa! Ok maybe not Zhao Yung Hwa but Pan Mei Chen is definitely my era. I must admit she does have a group of strong supporters.

But it's dinner first. My first time at Makansutra Glutton's Bay, sad to say, not much of a draw for me as u can see, I returned empty handed.

Ended up, Blamer and me walked over to the Singapore Flyer to check out the food there.

Guess wat, they actually have Popeyes. To be frank, I prefer their chicken to KFC's anytime.

Two piece chicken meal. Firstly, their fries are lightly coated with a seasoned batter. Secondly they serve the chicken with a pastry which they called "biscuit". Really love the buttery flakey "biscuit". Of cos, their chicken is succulent, moist and tender. Yums!

After dinner, it's concert proper. Really feel arty-farty coming to esplanade for the concert.

Blamer can't resist but to cam-whore a bit.

Proceed upstairs to our gallery seats... ...

Mentioned earlier that Pan Mei still has a strong fan base, these are the flowers sent by her fans. Remember the time when Aaron Kwok just came into the entertainment scene, he practically 掀起 Mac'Donalds' hairstyle and everyone starts copying him like, 林志颖 and 孙耀威. For Pan Mei Chen, I must say she is the one that revoluntionalise 中性打扮.

I tried to take some photo of the concert hall but amazingly, it seems that I get the right focus. Tried once...

Twice, but still can't get it right. There's a force preventing me from taking a good pic... ...

Surprisingly, the concert turned out to be quite enjoyable. Nice, nostalgic songs and both Pan Mei Chen and Zhao Yung Hwa was every humorous. Wouldn't mind turning up for more of these concerts as long as they are free. Wa ha ha ha.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

CNY 2009

Year of the Ox. Chinese New Year is my favourite festival for that means meeting up with relatives that we seldom see throughout the year :) (well, favourite till the time whereby I am no longer eligible to collect angpao, haha)

Look at the size of the box containing the pineapple tarts! Oh, I forgot to count the total number & go and buy 4D/toto :(

Elliott & Brunty's angpao for me. Thanks v much!

My grand-uncle dropped by my house & gave us some leftover flowers from my cousin. So I decided to DIY and came up with this assorted vase of flowers, haha. Ta-dah, my master piece :)

Time to go visiting! 初一 is my busiest day, for I need to rush to a lot of places & finally took a break at great-granny's place.

The sisters (missing 2nd & 5th aunties) with great-granny.

The great-grandchildren. This is just 1/2 of the total headcount. The rest left earlier to rush to other relatives' place to 拜年.

Cute Issac with his uncle. He's really alert to his surroundings, esp towards the camera.

Our "全家福"

An "act-cute" picture before we call it a day :)

Rushed over to Leecher's place to 拜年 & Ethan was there too. The 1st time I saw him @ Leecher's place, he was still a baby and playing with the mandarin oranges. See how fast he has grown!

He was a very shy kid but I managed to coax him to take a pic with me, 我是小孩杀手, haha.

My angpao from Leecher's parents :)

(Leecher finally made his grand appearance in his usual chui look)
Here's wishing you a fabulous Year of the Ox!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gatherings in Jan 2009

Yes, I am constantly being reminded by Leecher that I am once again late in my posting (strange that Leecher is soooo passionate about our blog when HE was the one who needed constant reminders to write his fair share on this blog). Ok, back to the topic ~ One of my New Year Resolution for 2009 is to meet up more regularly with my beloved frens :) Despite my busy schedule & was away from SG for 2 weekends, I am pretty pleased at my/our astonishing results in the month of Jan!

1. Winston

It was kinda difficult to co-ordinate our timings due to the nature of Winston's work, but we managed to make it happened! Thinking back, it's funny how we formed this friendship: He always wanted a little sister while I always wanted an elder brother. Because of this, I got 6 other "brothers" from Animal Farm :) It was also @ this very restaurant that we planned the Batam trip which materialized in 3 wks time :) talk about being efficient ~

2. YuXin

My buddy since P3, oh gosh, we literally grew up together :P You've just made your maiden appearance on my blog *waves Hello*Another hard-to-come-by meetup yet it was really good catching up on the news of our lives & others, heehee :) I bet the waiters @ Delifrance must be pretty "angry" @ us hogging the table for 4 hrs with just a cup of cappuccino & dessert. Sorry, but there's just a lot to talk about :P

3. Kenneth & EngKhim

Been almost 2 months since our last meet-up with Engkhim (affectionately known as KhimKhim) and we managed to book him way in advance for the dinner; Khim always like to fly me last min aeroplanes; I have collected like 5 out from him alone :0 Leecher & I headed down to Bugis after work to queue up @ Ma Maison and it was a cool 20 min wait before we were given our table. So what to do to kill time? You've guessed it! Cam-whoring :P

I wondered if it is SOP for Jap restaurants to have larger than life replicas of their food, but I guess they make good backdrops for photos.

While waiting for our orders to be served, we cam-whored some more, really like the ambience of this restaurant, family-oriented.

Khim Khim, the late comer of the day finally arrived. Just in time for a group pic. Ha ha.

Our wonderful spread. Their signature beef straganov omu-rice (top right hand corner), was simply yummy. Lightly buttered rice, with their signature brown sauce was very rich in flavour. Also their must try hamburger steak (bottom left-hand corner), with the beef cooked just right, disintegrated happily in our mouths.

(Written by Leecher, since Blamer is sooo slow in her writing. Cows come home already she still haven finished). Next is desserts at our fav Ah Chew's. Authentic Hong Kong style desserts, I ordered their barley ginko nuts, Kenneth's 杨枝柑露 and Blamer ordered the most not-worth-it dessert. Aloe vera with honey and lime. Thank you Kenneth for ur treat! : )

4. YanBo & Wanling

Since our last gathering, we've decided that we should meet up more regularly in 2009, together with the rest of the BP gang. So, to kick off the start of the Lunar New Year, we had our CNY meal @ Dian Xiao Er in our home ground, affectionately known as Lot 1, hahaha :P

You can never go wrong with their signature duck dishes. Looking through their website, the delicacy "even has won praises from former US president Bill Clinton and the Bush presidential family during their visits to China."

See, even Wanling can't wait to eat the duck (notice that she is holding her chopsticks in her hands, but was stopped by me as we need to take pictures first, heehee)

After a satisfying meal ~ Wanling finally 舍得 to put down her chopsticks :P

The 2 of them wanted McFlurry as desserts, so we walked to Mac to "chill"

Bobo gave me an astonishing look when I took out dent dent & snapped a picture of McFluffy.

Bobo: 连这个你也要拍?
Me: 哦,是呀,先拍 ice cream, 然后才拍你。 不要吃 ice cream的醋, ok?

See, Bobo - I got such a cute picture of you leh :)

Glanced upon something very alien to me, yet I used to stare @ it everyday in school





Haha, time table! Nowadays, I stare @ my calender more often; counting the days to the weekends/leave days/public holidays. Welcome to the life in the corporate world, haiz :(

Wanling's new thumbdrive. Silly me thought it was a toy till I saw the 2GB on the body. So cute rite? Bobo begs to differ though, haha. That explains why Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus.

5. Pauline

My partner-in-crime from HK came back to our sunny island for CNY. Haven seen her in almost 3 months!

We popped by Morton's for their signature martinis. Richard introduced me to their Lychee Mortini & I am hooked to that, totally. Even FMQ agrees with me during her last visit there (great minds think alike!)

Mixing our drinks behind the counter, can't wait!

The divine Lychee Mortini that totally kick ass! Elliott, who was on a drinking ban broke his ban @ this very bar and ordered the drink, along with everyone else.

Rinta decided to go against the flow and ordered Chocolate Mortini.

Complimentary filet mignon sandwiches served during happy hours. It's so delicious that I grabbed Eric's share as well (ok, I am not greedy, but Eric doesn't eat beef, so don't waste it right? Leecher will surely agree with me, haha) Tender & juicy, absolutely divine!

My face was really red after the drink, as evident in the pictures. No, I am still pretty somber though I had to go home early to rest, hahaa.

A great start to kick off the more-to-come gatherings later. It was really nice catching up with them. As we move onto different chapters in life, I know that my frens will be there for me, no matter what :)
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