Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Xmas stockings!

Our stockings! I got the bigger one and hope it will be filled with presents!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bangkok Trip 2011 - 14 Jan 2011

A-roon-sa-was อรุณสวัสดิ์ (Good morning!) Woke up late and missed breakfast @ our accomodation :( So settled for Mac instead.

Samurai Pork Burgers - just pork dipped with LOTS of BBQ sauce. Skip this if possible.

We decided to take things slowly today - after a visit to Platinum mall for further shopping, we went back for a quick rest before venturing out again.

Getting ready to go out ~

Taking their BTS - reckoned it will be faster than taking cabs given the notorious traffic in the city.

Peak hour period, but not as bad as SG - as trains arrive within a minute from each other. Yes, we actually timed the frequency cuz nothing to do mah.

Alighted @ Asok to pay a visit to the tailor.

Leecher went for his first fitting, but my after thoughts of this shop? Do NOT patron this shop - bad service once you paid the deposit. Their pre-sales pitch was convincing & they even sent someone from our hotel to pick us up in case we don't know the way after we called them. Then, when taking the measurements, he asked Leecher if he wanted to have breast pocket on his shirt. Leecher specifically said "No" and he said "OK". When we got the shirts (thank god we told them to send it to us 2 days before we left BKK), all the shirts came with pockets. We called them and they had the cheek to ask us to bring it down for them to fix it. What happened to their service?! I was fuming mad but I didn't want to argue in case they do something funny to Leecher's shirts & pants (yeah, Leecher tailored quite a lot of stuff with them). The same guy above even said "You know, today is Sunday, we could have charged you extra for removing the pockets as we need to send it to the factory. But never mind, we absorb the cost."

I thought the nightmare was over, but no - he went on to ask us to go back to collect the shirts once they were done, as the delivery for FOC for 1 time only. By now, I was super pissed but Leecher pulled me away in case I argued with them. He was worried that us being in a foreign country, we would definitely be in a disadvantage, so I let it go. So whoever is reading this entry, DO NOT go to this tailor! Spread the word & blacklist them.

Ok, unhappy event aside - we went on to take their MRT - this is different from their BTS which runs above the ground. Their MRT are all located underground. You will have to exit from a BTS station and re-enter into the MRT station & their ticketing systems are currently not compatible with each other yet.

Security checks along the way

Using the coin system instead of BTS card

Traveling to another end of the country.

Me trying to locate the destination while Leecher is hopeless with directions.

Guess where we were?

Yeah, we've reached!

See, Leecher jumping with joy!

Random roadside stall that sells mini fried you tiao.

Leecher did his research and said this place is a must-come.

Check out the crowd. There was even TV crew filming the food.

Seafood, yummy!

Do what the locals do, drink Singha!

Condiments for our dishes, and we ordered quite a lot b/w the 2 of us, heehee!

First up - sharks fin!

The must have - Tom Yum soup :)

5 dishes shared b/w us - and we finished everything! Woohoo :) Leecher's mission of getting me fat is paying off, but I'm just worried that he will get fat at a faster rate as compared to me, LOL!

Bird nest for desserts.

After a heavy meal, I had to find a place to work off those calories.

The shop was filled to the brim with tourists just sweeping the food into their baskets.

So I did the same too!

Ra-tee-sa-was ราตรีสวัสดิ์ (Good Night)
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