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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Father's Day

An eventful weekend - celebrating both Xiufeng's bdae and Father's day!

Xiufeng's Bdae

Been quite a while since we last had a double date, so Roger & Xiufeng plus Leecher & me went shopping for Xiufeng's bdae present - which she got a Agnes B bag (so sweet!)

Afterwhich, we walked to Purvis Street in search for Ms Clarity Cafe, but blur me forgot that they don't open on Sundays, so we had to de-tour back to Seah Street for Vietnamese food :)

The bright cheery orange decor will surely make patrons very happy. We had a couch to ourselves - yippee! Of cuz, the usual cam-whoring while waiting for the food to come ...

Presenting the brothers - think they will make very good spokeperson for the restaurant - must hold the menu and take pics, haha.

The pretty girlfriends, hahaaha ...

Roger ordered the drip coffee (which brews and drips the coffee, but be careful of handling in with bare hands, extremely hot) which he claimed was quite refreshing. I quite like the container though, looks interesting :)

Leecher strongly recommended us to try this dish - which is their Vietnamese rolls. Only order this dish if you like the mint leaves hidden inside. I nearly puked mine out when I took a bite and the strong gush of mint went through my mouth.

Next, we had spring rolls, yummy! Loved this dish after the nasty fright from the Vietnamese rolls. The rolls are fried to perfectly and it's not oily at all. You can eat it as it is or dip into the sauce for the extra frangrance.

This is one of the must-try dish - grilled pork chop with egg & rice. Love the chewiness of the pork chop.

The must-try in every Vietnamese restaurant - Beef noodle soup. The beef is really chewy and tender and the soup is full of flavour, one of the best that I ever tried. I ordered the spicy version while Roger tried out the orginial and we concluded that both versions are equally nice.

"Flowers" cake for her bdae, totally dig the flowers on the cake!

On a separate note, we came across this minature car in the carpark - it was so cute that I just had to snap a picture of it. This car just bears the essentials and nothing fanciful, but I wonder where can we buy this in SG? I can totally imagine myself driving this car :)

Father's Day

It's Father's day, so it's time for another round of feasting @ Soup Restaurant.

As there were 7 of us, we need to wait for 15 mins, since the restaurant only has 3 big tables >_<'' Leecher trying to act arty-farty ...
while I almost burst out laughing taking this pic, cuz he was trying to make funny faces behind the screen

Ok, enough of playing - we should be ashamed of ourselves while this couple is seriously studying the menu and thinking of what to eat :)

Back to our cheeky-selves again. The restaurant gives the 大红灯笼高高挂 feeling, due to the red lights used.

Not forgetting the star couple of the evening :)

The Begger ribs - Tender, lean pork ribs stewed with their special sweet & smoky sauce served in a 'beggar bowl'. Another unique poor man's dish originated from Samsui of Canton.

Teochew preserved black olives mixes with plain rice. Black olive is known to stimulate appetite and aids in the process of slimming. (Oh, no wonder Leecher ate quite a fair bit of the rice)

When eating at Soup Restaurant, of cuz must order the Samsui Ginger Chicken. The whole chicken is steamed-cooked for a pre-determined duration and temperature, thus, maintaining its rich chicken aroma and taste. The art of consuming "Samsui Ginger Chicken" is by dipping the chicken into ginger sauce and wrapping them with fresh lettuce.

My small stomach almost burst from all the feasting - 3 hrs after we had our Vietnamese fare. However, it's all worth it, cuz eating is my middle name, hahaa :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Asian Kitchen

Chinese has a saying, 怨怨相报何时了?but seems like Blamer do not understand the meaning of this and decided to chop my carrot head back.

Tired of the normal hawker fare and those western or Jap cuisines, we decided to go for Vietnamese food this time at Asian Kitchen.

of cos, a glimpse of the menu,

I do understand that whenever one visits a Vietnamese restaurant, one shld try out their pho (aka rice noodles) and always try out their beef version. Like this one below,

The soup stock is really tasty, but I find that their stir fried black pepper beef with garlic tasted better than the beef slices in the soup.

Actually, one more must order dish is the rice spring rolls however, they were sold out hence we replaced it with Vietnamese fish cake which Blamer concluded is the best dish of them all.

I think every once in a while, there would be a totally cannot make it dish. This "honour" goes to

Sugarcane prawns. See the greenish sugarcane in the middle? Seriously, the sugarcane is too hard to be consumed and the prawn meat was virtually tasteless. Never ever order this dish, though I think it is in one of their chef's recommendation list.

Oh I need to flash the beef noodles pic again b'cos I forgot to mention that they actually served raw bean sprouts and lime together with the noodles. I watched the 美食大三通 and there was once the host went to Vietnam, he discovered that this is a popular way the locals like to eat the noodles. But I still like the original better.

Blamer very happy that I will be paying this time

Hee hee, me plotting my next attack on Blamer...

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