Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Japan Day 9 P3

I seriously thought that we have finished ALL Japan postings until FMQ raised a question:

FMQ: did you guys try tempura in Japan?
Leecher & me: Yes, we did ... it's damn good!
FMQ: but I didn't see it on your blog. I read every post diligently!

Leecher & me looked at each other .... the OH-NO-don't tell me we left out a post look on our faces!

So, the final post on Japan, just for the beloved GF :) from where this post is supposed to continue:

Japan Day 9 P1
Japan Day 9 P2
(for your reference, if you guys are interested)

Walking back to Shinjuku Station from Yodaibashi Camera, in search for the next destination.

Another shopping mall, which I can't rem the name of it. Anyone to enlighten me?

The reason that makes it worthwhile!

The highlight of the night - tempura feast @ Tsunahachi Tempura.

The menu which contained all the yummys :)

Opted for the counter seats, so we can catch all the action.

Beer & tea - Leecher die die also want to try out their beer while I refused to touch anything cold.

English eating instructions prepared for non-Japanese. We spotted a guy with lonely planet in his hands inside the shop. Guess this place is very popular with locals and foreigners.

Radish condiments, I think.

We ordered the Special Tempura Zen set menu which consists of the following:

Two Tempura Prawns, the batter was light and crispy. Strangely, although tempura is a deep fried dish, the prawns weren't oily at all.

Leecher was super excited for his first bite of the tempura!

Two seasoned vegetables, which a non-veg lover like me kept stealing from Leecher's plate.

Miso soup, flavoured with lots of small clams *slurp slurp*

Conger Eel. We witnessed how the eel was killed alive, so imagine the freshness. The flesh was soft and fluffy.

Two seasoned fish & cuttlefish, which were all cooked in the secret-mouth-watering batter.

Shrimps ball - you just cant get enough of the batter! Crispy and slightly savory, not those oily types we often find in Singapore, that softens after a while. I wish I can fly to Tokyo just for this, again .... but I shall leave my beloved FMQ to finish the task for me. Savor every bite!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Xiuhui's Housewarming & CNY

Went to Xiuhui's new place over CNY period.

Pretty host in her pretty house. Guided tour was given as per request :) I love her place as it's roomy and windy! Oh, she shared the same bdae as a close friend of mine & got married on my
bdae, no wonder we hit off so well.

Since it's CNY period, of cuz must have lou hei.

Each one of us have to say auspicious words as we pour the sauces into the dish.

All chopsticks getting ready for the toss .... but before that


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love Blamer (the way she is)

One of our many morning exchanges that brings a smile to my face.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

CNY 2010

Super back-dated post on CNY! CNY coincided with Valentine's Day this year. Leecher pre-warned me that I won't be getting any flowers this year for Vday as CNY takes predominant .... BUT, he did surprised me with this bouquet :)

So cute! Thanks to Auntie Emily, who did a fantastic job at wrapping this bouquet with 2 cute teddy bears. Leecher purposely chose the female bear with a ribbon in her hair to represent me, cuz I bought my ribbon just days ago! So thoughtful suddenly, I like!

With my chui Leecher in his untidy bedroom, wa ha ha.

Day 2 of CNY & sweet Leecher dropped by my place to bai nian. Together, we went to granny's place with lil bro.

Yes, the guys caught gambling at granny's place. They were having so much fun & behaving like teenagers, lol.

Ah Yan & Ah Boy, with his rickshaw-cum-hokkien-mee-lookalike-hat.

Ya, my days with my fringe. Wanted to trim it cuz it was poking my eyes. However, decided to let it grow to pass the poke-eye-stage.

My fave cousin, who will nv refuse a picture with me :) And he brought someone along this year .....

His GF, whom Leecher immediately flocked to & ignored me totally, heehee.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kaijie's Bdae 2010

Another year has passed and it's time to add another candle for Kaijie :)

Decided to have lunch at Coffee Club near our office. I have been frequently Coffee Club these few weeks; more on that (if I can remember)

Ordered Lobster Bisque Baked Rice - golden baked rice infused with a lobster bisque that is delicately prepared and smothered in cream. Comes with 2 half-shelled diver scallops. Be prepared to drink lots of water after this dish. The saltiness either comes from an over-dosage of cheese/cream or tons of MSG.

Bdae boy ordered Puri Puri Chicken, but I can't find this item on their menu anymore. Guess they revamped their menu again.

Happy Birthday & may all wishes come true! Secret Mission p1 almost done :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Airshow 2010

On a lazy weekend, HQ treated us to the 2010 airshow.

Look at the long snaking queues.

Even after entering, there's still a lot of ppl.

We were a little late cos I went to the wrong meet up point, ha ha and the main highlight of the air show was already in the sky.

A display of the agility of the Apache and the flight prowess of the F-16 fighter jet.

A group photo before we move indoors away from the sweltering sun.

First thing that we did indoors was to look for the lucky draw box. Wa ha ha typical Singaporeans that we are... ...

Other exhibits in the exhibition halls. However it was already quite empty being the third day of the airshow. Anyway, their targeted audience were the various defense ministers from all over the world and not us.

Unmanned Surface Vehicle. I heard from HQ that this model was used as surveillance boats by the Singapore Navy when there were sent in to Somalia to help monitor the pirates problem earlier this year.

Sheena got her hands on the only freebie that day.

I wonder is this a concept model or is this already in use on their flights. I wouldn't mind flying in one of these.

Took a ride in one of the anti-bombardment personnel transport vehicle. Quite a squeeze with no windows, gives u a claustrophobic feeling.

Suddenly, we saw a lot of movement from one corner of the hall, guess who decided to drop in? A pity he was surrounded with so many bodyguards, we couldn't get up close for an autograph or something.

We decided to move outdoors again to view the static displays.

Blamer die die also want to take a pic with some pilots. This guy's from Australia.

Another unmanned surveillance device, for the skies this time. I wonder will there come a time whereby all planes are unmanned and war will be just like playing online battle games.

Spotted another public figure.

And Blamer finally fulfilled her dream of taking a pic with a Singaporean pilot. Maybe she is trying to find herself a spare tyre.

Back to Changi terminal 3 for lunch. We were famished!

Our spread. All of us ordered their soup pasta, which was something different from the norm and a udon pizza to share.

One of the rare times when we remembered to take a group pic with food still on the table.

As it was still near to Valentine's Day, love is in the air!
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