Monday, December 26, 2011

Wedding Bands Selection

Happy Boxing Day! Hope everyone had a wonderful Xmas yesterday! We attended our first wedding dinner as Mr & Mrs :) Anyway, back to our wedding journey, haha! What's a wedding without wedding bands? In the next few posts, I'll be documenting down our journey in choosing our wedding bands :)

We're (or rather me, haha) extremely particular about our wedding bands, as we'll be wearing a symbol of emotions and a life long commitment to each other. I wasn't really keen to buy off-the-rack wedding bands, as that meant we'll be wearing the same bands as xxx no of couples. So, the only way was customisation, for a pair of wedding bands that belongs to us only :)

Leecher (as always) entrusted me with the task of shortlisting shops so that we can go ring-shopping. From my intensive research online, I have already narrowed it down to one single shop that I wanna visit -

As usual, I don't like to start the day on an empty stomach as we will be on our legs, walking all over town - need all the energy that we have!

Not only did I see a design that I love, it fits like a glove :) And not to mention the superb service from Evelyn & Sandra, the 2 lovely ladies from the shop. We went to other shops, like Leehwa, SooKee, Love&Co - but nothing comes close to what Fairy Inc can offer. So, after a round of serious discussion with Leecher, we've decided on customising our wedding bands with Fairy Inc.


Back @ Fairy Inc again to discuss on our wedding bands.

Evelyn, our designer brought out a lot of rings and designs for us to look. When doing customised rings, you can only imagine the outcome in your mind.

Leecher cant wait to get started!

The theme was "simple and classic". Leecher had a fun time deciding on his design and he wanted a piece of everything, super rojak. Evelyn was very patient with us and trying to sketch out the final design for Leecher to see. Somehow, Evelyn was able to sense what designs I prefer and she hit all the right notes when designing my ring. And, we decided to make our rings unique by designing our own embossing!

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