Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our Love Nest ~ in 2012

26th March 2008 marked the day whereby we made the decision to ................

put our names in the HDB appointment form - therefore sealing our fate for the rest of our lives ~ sob sob (when want to zao sai also must consider, a lot of money is at stake here, hahaaa)

Here's our love nest that is expected to be completed in Yr 2012 - Punggol Vista

Opted for the 4-room flat - since we're too used to staying in 4-room. Poor me, was so used to living in the West - but in future, I will be staying in the North-east side. I used to think NE side is some ulu place, cuz it seems to be sooooooooooo far from the West.

Floor plan - we're located at the 12th floor, haha. (Leecher wanted to choose the 13th floor, but I refused. I am not that superstitious, but I don't feel that comfortable staying on 13th floor) Not going to reveal the blk and house unit - later Leecher strike 4D den the whole world will know, wa ha ha ha.

Leecher bought me a stalk of red rose on that day - must be his attempt to coax me into signing the letter with him, haha.

We were pretty early, so went to the hawker center to have our lunch - chicken rice + dumplings

After a satisfying lunch, we went to the HDB Hub to wait for our turn.

Looking at the TV screen for our number to be displayed....

Our last "happy" picture before going into the room to seal our fate .... :)

When we were in the room, the Admin officer posted a question to us:

Her (Looking at Leecher) : So are you guys married or single?
Leecher (Pretending to look away) remained silent for like 5 seconds.
** WTF **
Me: We're going to be married.

Leecher definitely got something from me when we stepped out of the room. Wa Ha Ha

The huge noticeboard that was put up at the site of our love nest

The plot of land that will house our love nest in 4 yrs time .....

Can't wait ~ will post more pics as the place gets developed further.

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