Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Housewarming - Our Friends

To make things easier for us, we decided to have a combined housewarming for friends & colleagues in a single day - morning session for colleagues & afternoon session for friends. It was good to have all the friends over to chill out. Our tiny house suddenly came to life with chatters and whats-not. 
So, I sent this invite out to all our friends, informing them of our party :)
Caterer came promptly at 10am to set up the table & food. Kudos to them for their efficiency!
All done within 10 mins!
Made a mistake in ordering both rice & noodles & we had to throw away quite a lot of food after tabao, for it was just too much. Nevertheless, the curry chicken was superb!
Colin came early with a housewarming gift. 
Nespresso Pixie, much to Leecher's delight! It was a combined gift from some of his colleagues & they bought blue to match the colour of our place. *so thoughtful*
The latest offering from the Nespresso family, Pixie is the smallest machine to date, measuring just 111mm across by 235mm. . It's easy to use & most importantly, cleaning is fuss-free.
Enjoy gourmet coffee in just 4 simple steps:
1. Put a cup
2. Place a capsule & close the lid
3. Press the button & wait for a few seconds
4. Coffee is ready

There is a wide variety of flavours to choose from as well. 
Rinta bought 2 boxes of cupcakes for us - thank you dear! They really do taste good :)  
A lovely vase of flowers from his colleague who couldn't make it for the party.
A great Thank You to all our friends who came over to mess up our place, lol! We'll put all the gifts to good use :) Didn't have the time to take pic with everyone though.

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