Monday, January 2, 2012

Sourcing around for Hotels

Hello 2012! Started NYE with a countdown celebration @ Beds and ended the night @ 6am with a hangover, haha! Spent the rest of the day sleeping before gg out for dinner. Anyway, let's continue with the wedding journey. Looking for the perfect wedding venue was quite a headache, as we need to consider a lot of factors. In fact, this was the first item that we began researching on, once we have decided on the date for the big day.

Firstly, we came up with the list of invited guests, to look at the number of min tables that we have. This approach is quite effective, as it allows you to eliminate the hotels in which you can't meet the min tables. After much discussion, we had to look for a hotel that is able to fulfill the following requirements:

* min of 25 tables on Sunday
* pillarless & high ceiling ballroom
* convenient location
* preferably a private ballroom

Venturing out on a wkend to look at the ballrooms. One of the place that we went to was Furama Riverfront. Yeah, this picture was taken eons ago!

I realised that I only took pictures of the first hotel that we went to, but after visiting countless hotels, we decided to confirm our venue @ Grand Park City Hall. More on our decision-making process in the next post!

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