Sunday, March 29, 2009

Love Nest Updates

Been almost a year since the fateful day whereby we put down our signatures for our love nest. I think we only visited the site 2 times in the past 1 year, haha .... Told Leecher to go and take a look @ the latest progress but he conveniently brushed it off by saying he don't have a car, so cannot go ... DUH! No car dunno how to take public transport ar? Think should change his name to LAZY leecher, suits him more :P

Anyway, thanks to Punggol Vista Gallery Forum for keeping me in the loop of the latest development of our love nest. *pics credits to the contributors of the forum*

Wow, the place is certainly progressing fast! From a barren green field to being filled with machineries & you can even see the apartments being built and taking shape. Yippee!

That's our block. I wonder how long it will take before it's till the 12th storey? Bet Leecher must be feeling paiseh now that the whole world (or our readers) know that he doesn't care much about our love nest, wa ha ha ha!
 (Leecher: Ha ha I'll have to care when I have to start paying my share wa ha ha ha)

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