Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Honeymoon: Moulin Rouge

Happy mid-week ... can't believe that in 7 days time, it will be Christmas :) I have mentioned countless times that Dec is my fave month of the year  - with birthday/Xmas/New Year celebrations, yippee! Can't wait for BFF to be back with my birthday/Xmas present too, yippee! This time round, I took a longer time to recover from my post-holiday syndrome. I was checking on SQ flights over the weekend, lol! The next holiday ..... almost brewing in progress, haha! Just need to wait for Leecher to give his stamp of approval & I'll have to work doubly-hard to earn $$ to finance the trip. Our winter wonderland trip left me feeling very poor but I enjoyed every moment of it :) Blogging will resume, but at a slower pace so keep a lookout on this space! 
After our river cruise, we just walked around the area trying to find our way to the train station for our next activity. Then, we chanced upon Chanel and I got a lil crazy outside the shop (^^)
Openly declaring my , heh. I have dedicated half a day for shopping later in the week, where I nearly went crazy - more on that later. P5093881
Taking the train to our next destination. 
I was a fan of the movie "Moulin Rouge" when it hit the cinemas way back in 2001. Being the naive me at that time, I thought Moulin Rouge was just a title for the movie and it wasn't till years later did I realise that Moulin Rouge exists in real life.
 You can spot the famous red windmill once you walked out from the metro station. Even though it was 30 min before show starts, a queue was formed outside the theater.
We bought our tickets online to guarantee our seats. You can get to choose if you want the dinner+show tickets or just the show tickets. BFF went for dinner+show tickets and advised me to get just the show tickets. There are 2 shows daily, with the first seating at 9pm and the 2nd seating at 11pm. 
I sneakily sneaked a picture inside the theater before the show started.
 After a good 2-hour show on can-can dance, we emerged outside and saw that the sky was dark. However, the signature red windmill dazzled against the dark backdrop. We lingered for a while more to take pictures before calling it a day. P5093933 
Took the metro back to our apartment.  P5093935P5093939 
Prepared for supper - a meal of risotto & beef with Leecher's daily dosage of raspberry :) I really love the ready-packed food found in their supermarkets. They have so much varieties that I was literally begging Leecher to buy all so I could try and we did tried quite a couple during the trip to ease our hunger pangs in the middle of the night. Leecher, on the other hand, is not a fan of microwave food but thankfully he accommodates me whenever he can :) 
Moulin Rouge
82 Boulevard De Clichy
75018, Montmartre, Paris
Tel: + 33 0 1 5309 8282
Nearest Metro: Blanche

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