Thursday, July 5, 2012

Post Wedding Trip - Bali P5

Venturing to explore more *excited* There's a reason why the Samara is situated in a private area, away from the sounds of the lively city .....

'Cause, it is next to the paddy fields!

How not to fall in love with this place?

Grains of rice - I've nv seen this up close before!

We went for a walk in the paddy fields & headed back to the villa for our afternoon tea.

Staff preparing our afternoon tea.

While Leecher headed out for a swim in the swimming pool. This pool is much bigger, much to Leecher's delight!

I was feeling abit chilly, so I decided to nua @ the pool side instead.

Sipping hot tea to keep myself warm.

Yeah, snacks arrived! Walnut cake topped with whipped cream & strawberry.

You better come up before I finish your share, lol!

The smoke became unbearable for us to hang out by the pool, so we headed back to the room to freshen up before deciding on dinner.

All set and ready to go!

There are 2 options to get to city centre - either you ride a bike or walk. Leecher wanted to try his hands on riding a bike, so Yudi, the owner, gave him a crash course. Leecher seemed to be enjoying it, but for safety reasons, we decided to walk to city centre.

Since I can't ride, must take at least a picture, heehee!

So, we begin our walk to city centre and towards our dinner destination.

After a 30min walk, we finally reached Bebek Bengil!

They have done some renovation, so the reception area looked more spacious now.

We ordered Aunt Mitzi's Chicken Soup as starters. This was stated on the menu "Aunt Mitzi lived to 105 and she ate it everyday". Wow, I can't imagine anyone drinking this soup everyday, for it was extremely salty. I hope Aunt Mitzi didn't die of salt overdose.

Eagerly waiting for the mains to be served.

Leecher ordered Bebek Bengil (The Original Crispy Duck) - half a duck steamed in Indonesian spices then deep fried for a crispy finish. Strongly recommended to use your fingers for the extra oomp! I ordered Ayam Suir Bali - which was sambal duck served with yellow rice and Balinese vegetables.

Tuck in!
Bebek Bengil Restaurant (Dirty Duck Dinner)
Padang Tegal, Ubud
Tel: +62 361 975 489

We walked from one end of Ubud to the other end in search for Cafe Wayan. Passing by the Monkey Forest at night is no joke!

Cafe Wayan & Bakery started as a small warung (a lil bamboo hut of a food stall) where Ibu Wayan sold coffee to the rice farmers.

Candles placed in their "Cafe Wayan" holder.

Leecher ordered the usual Mojito.

Lycheesensation - a soothing blend of Balimoon Pineapple liqueur, lychee juice, grapefruit juice and fresh lychee. I ordered this, thinking that it was a lady's drink. Oh my, turned out that the taste of liqueur overwhelmed my taste bud and I had to push my drink to Leecher.

Even Leecher gave the thumbs down for this drink.

So, I took over his mojito instead, lol!

The most famous dessert on the menu - Death by Chocolate. The name struck a chord with us when we were struggling to finish the cake towards the end. Chocolate overdose, from the cake and the chocolate sauce by the side.

After a high-sugar meal, time to walk off those sugar by walking back (another 30mins walk in dimly lit streets) to the villa.
Cafe Wayan & Bakery
Monkey Forest Road (half-way b/w the football field and the Monkey Forest, next to Kajane), Ubud.
Tel: +62 361 975 447

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