Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reno Diary - Bathroom Accessories & Touch Up

Hello! Mid-week once again :) celebrated Khim's birthday 2 weekends back and boy, I was dead tired when we got home in the wee hours of the morning. The whole weekend was spent at home, recuperating - signs of growing old :( Taking a break from blogging about TW, so here's the continuation of our reno journey! 

Installation of bathroom accessories

We bought most of our bathroom accessories from 2 places, mainly Heritage Bathroom Accessories & Ikea.
Leecher shopping for accessories @ Ikea Tampines. We prefer Ikea @ Tampines for it's closer to our place and also, there seemed to be more variety as well.  

Installed a miniature sink in the service yard.

We didn't do any reno work for the common bathroom to bring down the cost of renovation. Installed the heater and some bathroom accessories. 

 Instead, we spent slightly more on renovating the master bedroom toilet, installed some cupboards for storage and changed the sink :) Wanted to have 2 sinks, but the design of the toilet prevented us from doing so. Hence, we ended up having a his-and-her corner. Leecher's stuff goes to the right side of the sink while mine goes onto the left side, on the pretty rack that I picked out from Ikea :)


 A week before the official handover, we checked through the house and took note of any areas that required additional touch ups. Our designers arranged for one of their guys to come over to finish up the work.

 The worker was quite diligent. Not only did he worked on the areas that we spotted, he went around the room and looked through to ensure that everything was in place before he called it a day. Hardworking fellow, me like! 

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