Friday, October 26, 2012

Reno Diary - Blessing the House

Our designers handed over the keys to us, a sign that renovation is finally completed! *yippee* A place to call our home :) We chose an auspicious day to bless the house, a ritual that we kept it simple and fuss free. I googled online to find out the essentials stuff required and omitted some items which are difficult to get. 

The essential stuff, all packed. 

Leecher - waiting for the auspicious timing to kick open the door. 

Small pineapple, courtesy of our parents. Pineapples to bring wealth and fortune into the house :)

After entering the house, firstly, open all the windows to let the fresh air flow into the house to clean the Qi (energies) in the house. Next, switch on all the lights to light up the area.

Not forgetting the rest of the items -  the 5 essential items for the kitchen: cooking oil, vinegar, salt, sugar and rice.

Leecher boiling a pot of water over our new stove and we both drank a bit of the water. No idea what that was supposed to mean, but mummy dearest set the rules, haha!

Then, it was over to IKEA for a quick lunch before furniture shopping. We were frequently IKEA so often that it became our fave hangout place for a few months.  

As the pieces were too heavy to carry on its own, we opened up each package and separated the pieces to carry them (piece by piece) up the house.

Loots from IKEA - cushions, dining table, 2 bar stools and some miscellaneous stuff.
Leecher taking charge of the dining table.  

While I fixed the bar stools .... felt as if we were playing lego, but this lego version required lots of hammering and drilling. Sense of satisfaction when you see the assembled pieces :)

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