Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wedding Celebrations - Morning Preparation P1

The start of a new quarter, which prompted me that I'm at the last stage of our wedding journey, which is the big day! The photographers gave us close to 950 of edited pictures, so will be blogging by bits and pieces. Will also upload to FB for our friends to tag themselves.

Leecher started the day early and Tingfeng (one of our photographer) went to his place to capture his preparation.

The brothers surprisingly were early! All listening to Leecher's last min briefing on the day's program while waiting for Mac breakfast! The sisters already told the brothers to go easy on breakfast, for they have prepared a hearty meal for them.

Giving out the 兄弟 angpao.

Praying to his ancestors and god, to por-bi por-bi our marriage and maybe adding in wishes that I'll be more 听话 and do all the housework, haha.

Time to 梳头, to signify that Leecher is finally a 大人. They couldn't rem the blessings, so need to google for it using the phone. The 4 blessings are:

一梳梳到尾,(First combing, together all your lives) 二梳百年好合,(Second combing, harmony in your marriage) 三梳子孙满堂,(Third combing, blessed with many children and grandchildren) 四梳白发齐眉。(Fourth combing, blessed with longevity).

Him on the phone with me to check on my make up progress.

The guys were tying the decorations to their car.

Doing last min touch-up before setting off.

Zhiguang, our flower IC for the day.

Getting ready to move off soon! Last min checks on all the stuff that needs to be brought over to my place.

The brothers all set to battle it out with the sisters! 放马过來!

Ready to move off to my place for the battle!

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