Monday, April 9, 2012

Wedding Celebrations - Morning Preparation P2

Hope everyone had a great Good Friday wkend! Back to the wedding posts .... a glimpse at the situation at my place while Leecher was getting ready @ his place. I woke up early @ 3.45am to shower and get ready, as Jenny (the make up artist, MUA) was scheduled to arrive at 4.30am. Super early (yes, I know!) but according to customs, Teochew brides have to be "married" out of the house early in the morning.

Love the makeup that Jenny did for me. In fact, I didn't engage any other MUA, as I wanted to save on the trouble of going for trial makeups and reviews. Jenny is from SG Bridal house and did my makeup for pre-wedding shoots. So, I engaged in her services - slightly exp @ $700 though.

Bride must smell nice nice! Spraying my fave chloe perfume.

on whatsapp with Leecher and the Sisters' group to check on their respective progress.

Pretty mah? Heehee!

Prepared breakfast for my dear sisters as well as relatives who came for the wedding.

The details on the wedding dress. Wearing the diamond bracelet that 小姑姑 bought for me for the wedding. Not wearing our rings yet, as they were tucked safely inside the box for the solemnization later :)

Little bro came in seeking SOS, as he couldn't decide which tie to match with his shirt.

Wanling & Jinlian were the first to arrive!

The hand corsages that Auntie Emily did for my sisters. Yes, the theme for my sisters was rainbow, taking after my name, heehee! 7 of them will be dressed in colours of the rainbow, with a matching hand corsage.

I didn't even realize the photographers took this shot, but I can't rem what we were babbling about, haha!

My wedding heels - me likey cuz it was super bling! Now, I just need to find another occasion to wear it.

Fling, Nijun & May Thu arrived with a tray of rainbow eggs :) Feels so happy just looking at the colour. Kudos to them for thinking of this gatecrashing idea. Tracy & the photographers were telling me that this was the 1st time they have spotted such an interesting idea.

Fling trying to decipher where were the secret words kept, but gave up as she couldn't remember it, haha!

Sisters taking their corsages :) And they will be paired with a brother with the same colour combination, which can be identified by the coloured bow that Leecher bought for them. So exciting, machiam like the SP (secret partner) event that we had in Uni orientation, where each girl & boy will be paired up but you won't know whose your partner till the night of the event.

Last briefing before the sisters take their respective positions to tekan the brothers.

Leecher called to inform that he will be lighting the candles, so we have to light it together at the same time.

Mummy dearest praying for the best of my marriage, she always have the best interest for us!

Leecher approaching my place soon, time to put on the heels!

Adjusting to make it more comfy :)

二叔 & 二妽 covering the veil for me. They had to do it slowly, so the photographers could capture the moment.

有沒有 bride eagerly waiting for the groom 的感觉?

with my lovely mum, whom will always be no.1 in my heart!

and not forgetting a pic with my rainbow sisters :) before they ventured off to tekan the brother gang.

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