Monday, April 23, 2012

Wedding Celebrations - Gatecrashing P3

Having completed another mission, sisters were automatically presented with another angpao. Wa, the brothers so auto-one this time round!

Sisters checking the amount, but they weren't happy cuz the amount is not right.

No blue note spotted anywhere .... disappointing! Wanling complained that they put in lots of reds and purples - which made their counting difficult.

The sisters had no choice but to return the angpao ... only to be greeted with a bigger one! Wa, Kaiwei is so prepared when Leecher wanted to show-hand to end his misery .... (cuz they still have got a tin of jackfruit in the kitchen, heehee!)

The sisters made known that they want to see something blue w/o taking anything out, yet the brothers cleverly replaced the notes inside with $50 bucks, so funny!

And the angpao gets bigger in size literally! From the 1st mini small angpao to the gigantic big angpao :)

The 3rd mission - to find the key (to my room) in an ice-cube. The girls even prepared coffee-flavoured ice-cube for Leecher, so 贴心 .

Sisters giggling amongst themselves while Leecher was trying to finish his task.

Leecher was sucking on the ice-cube half-way when he suddenly asked "你们有没有把 key 洗干净?”

Turned out that Leecher was conned, for there was only a fake cockroach in the ice-cube - but that was the (secret) key to my room.

Knocking on the door, asking me to save him!

But before that, another round of jackfruit. wa ha ha!

Don't waste food, so the brothers have a share as well :)

The last task, before my door fairy Fling opened the door to Leecher, was for Leecher to declare his love for me. That pretty much caught him off-guard.

The brother gang immediately took out their phones and started to surf the net for ready-scripted declaration of love.

Leecher reading out the declaration, but .... he mixed up the 你 & 我, which made the declaration sounded like I'm declaring my love for him instead of the other way round.

The sisters realized it when he completed the 1st sentence & burst out laughing! I wonder how on earth did he pass his higher chinese when he was studying.

Ok, reading the declaration properly this time round.

Fling finally unlocked the door ....

Entering the room .....

while the sisters trying to catch a glimpse :)

First glimpse of his pretty wife, lol!

Handing over the hand bouquet to me.

Sealing it with a kiss - supposed to be a romantic moment right? Leecher had to spoil it by asking me "有没有吃到jackfruit的味道?”

Pic with the lil brother before moving outside :)

The brothers complaining to me that the sisters 手下不留情!

Pic-taking for them to upload onto Facebook :)

Feels so weird to kiss in front of so many people!

Pictures with my family before we moved off for picture taking.

Leecher helping me with my gown as we made our way out of my house and towards the lift.

Glad that at least we have finished one part of the day!

Jet looked so bright and shiny :)

Ah ma sheltering me into the car with the red umbrella, which was (traditionally) believed to ward off evil forces.

Mummy dearest making sure that my gown is in place.

It was a relatively hot morning & we were so glad to be in Jet, with air-con blasting at full force :)

Getting ready to drive off!

Cruising along the highway to our next destination :)

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