Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wedding Celebrations - Gatecrashing P1

The sisters locked me up in my room and Fling accompanied me, so we had sisterly talk while waiting for the brothers to deal with the gatecrashing.

The sisters got into position, locked the gates and kept the keys away.

Leecher arrived at my place carpark and called to announce his arrival.

The brother gang, with their coloured bow tie. Bestman Kaiwei had the white bow instead.

Lil bro as the 开门童子.

angpao in exchange for oranges, super 赚 到。

Brothers gathering all the required stuff to bring up to my place, while those zou-boh ones will pose for picture taking, lol!

All set and ready to conquer! They think they are filming 上海滩,walk must also have 风.

Inching closer and closer to the battleground.


Meanwhile, the sisters were preparing a welcome snack for Leecher :) Which I'm proud to say this was my plan!!!

Leecher's nightmare - Jackfruit! wa ha ha! Too bad he told me about this and I just had the urge to reveal this to my sisters and they will know how to follow up on it, LOL!

Kaiwei, being the best man, gamely took the challenge & left a small piece for Leecher to savour.

Love his expression! Cameras were clicking away furiously to capture these priceless expressions, haha!

Almost tearing & while I watched our wedding video, I kept laughing at his request of "水,水!"

The other brothers cheering him on, jiayou! If not Raymond's hands will be very tired from carrying the tray of oranges.

Time to bargain for angpao before the sisters let the groom enter the house.

Leecher presenting them with a small angpao, but 物轻情义重.

Sisters were not happy with the angpao, so they have to send the guys on their 1st mission - Hide & Seek. Qian prepared the rainbow hearts and the sisters hid one on every floor, from the 3rd floor to the 9th floor. The brothers will have to find all the hearts and bring it back before they can enter the house.

They managed to find all the hearts, except one which was hidden on the 5th floor. 五楼 auntie loves gardening and she had a mini garden along the corridor, haha! The guys had a hard time finding the lil heart amongst all the flowers that they had to wave the white flag & request for clue.

The sisters chatting away while waiting for the brothers to come begging :p

True enough, to ask for clues, Leecher had to, once again, face his worst nightmare. Actually, I'm quite enjoying it, wa ha ha! Kudos to Maythu for bringing the whole can of jackfruit for the sisters' "disposal".

They then revealed the location of the heart, which was tucked away underneath the biggest flower pot. To make Leecher more dui about eating the jackfruit, he guessed that it was underneath the flower pot, but didn't know which was the "selected" one.

The guys moving the flower pot and found the missing heart.

Stage 1 cleared & they can finally enter the house :)

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