Monday, April 16, 2012

Wedding Celebrations - Gatecrashing P2

Once Leecher stepped into the house, he was greeted with another surprise - another round of jackfruit!

No choice but to endure it - tough being the groom, but it should be worth it!

The brothers desperately preparing water for him to rinse off the taste off his mouth.

Love this pic, haha! I even got the photographers to send it to me in B&W.

The sisters were so amused by his expressions that they kept giggling :p

Leecher presented them with the 2nd angpao - but the amount was still too small! So, they have to face mission 2 of gatecrashing: Minesweeper! Innovative right?

The mission: to find 3 eggs that contained the words "I ♥ U" - if the selected egg don't contain the letters, they will have to eat the egg. No wonder they asked the guys to come on an empty stomach. The guys had eggs overdose, for they had egg Mcmuffins for breakkie! haha!

The guys looking on while game master explained the rules. Leecher had it easy for this game, cuz he only need to select the eggs. The brother will have to come forth to claim their egg when the colour is chosen and eat it.

Kaiwei was glad that he wore a white bow and there were no white eggs present, haha!

Leecher picked his 1st egg, in the shade of purple as that's my fave colour .... but, nothing found!

So, EK - being the purple brother, had the honour of eating the 1st egg.

See, the sisters so sweet - still provide plastic bags to them for the egg shells. The brothers looking on and hoping Leecher won't chose their colour.

Looking if there's any alphabet at the bottom of the egg .....

NOPE! So, Zhiguang has to eat the orange egg.

The game continued and Leecher seriously sucks @ minesweeper, LOL! So more brothers kena their "punishment".

Peeling off the eggs .... the rate of them kena-ing an egg is faster than they can eat.

Kaiwei only had to hold onto the right eggs that contained the magical words!

Kenneth's turn to be kena!

Brothers trying to discuss the strategy of not-eating-a-lot-of-eggs.

After a few eggs, they reached a breaking point as they couldn't find the remaining 2 letters. So, Wanling had to provide some hints.


Still can't get it right, even when it was a 50% chance of striking it .... poor brothers.

EK & Kenneth started to sabo each other, by asking Leecher to pick yellow and purple. End up, they have to eat more eggs, LOL!

See, the row of yellow (Kenneth) and purple (EK) were almost gone! Think Kenneth ate the most out of everyone.

Finally, they managed to locate all the eggs! I think they consumed almost 27 eggs out of the whole tray of 35.

Brotherly-yum-seng-with their respective eggs, while Leecher showed his appreciate with his jackfruit. Mission accomplished!

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