Thursday, November 22, 2012

Reno Diary - Curtain Installation & Arrival of Furnitures

Took down our curtains to wash today and I was reminded of the time when we first installed our curtains in the house! Time really flies, for we have been staying here for the past 1.5 years and it only felt like yesterday when we moved into our lil apartment :) Anyway, let's take another journey down memory lane, where we arranged for Anthony to drop by for curtain installation. Much thanks to Fling for the recommendation! 

Curtain Installation  

The various fabric that I've chosen for the living room & bedrooms. Dark colours for the bedrooms, for I wanna sleep in during weekends without any sunlight shinning in *lazy bum*

Barang barang that Anthony brought along.  

Anthony is certainly a fast worker and he handled everything himself *amazing* He even provided me with matching cushion covers in the living room *loves*

After he was done, he taught Leecher how to fold the curtains nicely to create the nice curve. Well, I think that was the only time our curtains were folded nicely, for after that, we couldn't be bothered with it. 

 Arrival of Sofa
One of the interesting process of house renovation is shopping for furniture. No doubt it took us quite a while to source out all the furniture that matches our theme, but I'm very pleased with the end results! When you see all the little pieces together, you can't help but feel a sense of accomplishment & reminded of the times when we walked down countless alleyways, got chased by dogs, shared a small umbrella under a heavy downpour etc. Every piece of furniture bought came with pieces of memories attached to it :) 
Meanwhile, our sofa has arrived! We sort of customized our sofa - to have the round curves at the side for a more country look.     

Ta-dah! Our cosy living room :) 

 Arrival of Bedroom Furnitures
We took a long time hunting down the country-themed furnitures, so imagine my joy when we finally found a place that caters to all our needs! Best of all, they offer customisation, so we did some changes to our bedside table (by combining 2 designs) and the chest of drawers. 
On hindsight, I should have placed order for another chest of drawers, for the current one is bursting with clothes! Or, maybe I should throw away Leecher's stuff, since he's pretty fond of throwing away my stuff, keke. 
Bought our first set of bedsheets from IKEA china, where they have lots of king-sized bedsheets available. I lugged back 2 sets, for SG only have queen sizes for those designs that I liked. 

 Storage Rack in Storeroom 

Did a 4-tier storage rack in the bomb shelter for us to organise our stuff. Packed those stuff into Toyogo boxes, so it's easier for us to retrieve the things when required :) 

 1st item in our cupboard :)

When we were packing our belongings to move over, I've pondered over what is the 1st thing I should put inside our walk-in wardrobe. Yes, I'm that bo liao sometimes, haha! Hence, the 1st thing that I placed inside our cupboard comes in a lil white box ..... which contained 

our wedding bands :) 

The perfect item to put in a house that we will be staying, one that we shared our laughter, tears and happiness :) 

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