Friday, March 26, 2010


Hectic days ever since we were back from Phuket!

Leecher's bdae
2 weeks of fun & food in JB
2 weeks of walking around SG
Meetup with friends
Playing scrabble with Leecher on iPhone
Shopping madness with Fionn :)

Will try to update whenever I can

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AF Night Out!

Meet up with AF gang for a round of KTV to usher in 2010!

Mesmerized by Fa-ge's singing. The song that he picked to kick start the 3h concert
His hokkien is damn power lah! *clap clap* Winston was super amazed that I can sing 爱到才知痛, wa ha ha .... don't underestimate your 小妹!

Yen just extracted his wisdom tooth the day before, yet nothing can stop him from belting out songs after songs.

Notice Leecher's specs? It became the hot item of the night as the guys sang 卢广仲 songs & they decided to irritate me by singing Rock & Roll style.

Since the night was still young, off to the bowling alley for another round of battle!

Time for the epic battle! Will Winston retain his 滚球王 title? Will newcomers such as Vanessa /Yunfa snatch the title right under his nose?

All eyes on me as I picked up the first ball. Bet they were thinking that the ball will be too heavy for my petite frame.

Haha, I proved them wrong! One hand also can :) Orange ball to match my orangish top.

Contestant Fa-ge taking his pick ....

"Must give the cool cool look" - but I think he was trying hard not to laugh, lol.

Vanessa picked a pink ball, so sweet!

Winston's title of 滚球王 was quite safe after our lukewarm performance.

Leecher & Winston was up head to head once he scored a double, not bad wor ....

Not to be outdone, Winston scored a double too, using matching balls. The guys, however, had something else in mind


Friday, March 12, 2010

Pic Taking @ NTU

After Convocation Day, we went back to NTU on a quiet Sunday for picture taking. Kudos to my dearest sister, Qian for volunteering to be the photographer of the day!

Ulu part of NTU, we looked like we were taking pics @ some 鸟不生蛋 place.

Entrance to NTU via Jalan Bahar.

Entrance to NTU via Pioneer Road

The Chinese Heritage Centre, which we never been till the day we took this picture.

Yunan Garden, a "romantic" place to stroll and take in the views (of the HDB blocks nearby) on a breezy afternoon. During my freshman orientation, our seniors actually brought us on a tour inside the drainage system of the garden (points to culprits of the AF gang!)

Leecher with his new GF :P

Nanyang Lake; which looks muddy in the background.

Walking back to the car to proceed to the next destination .....

Marina Barrage? No, it's our very own School of Arts, Design and Media.

Sweet Qian accompanied us & choreographed all our poses. Thanks Sister!

The stairway leading to NBS from Canteen B.

The place we called home for 3 years.

Taking the lift down

TR 123 & 125! It was always a mad rush to book TRs during exam periods. Being one of the biggest TR, 123 is a hot favourite. We spent our time in this room for 2 exam periods, with Khim Khim supplying hot water (yes, he brought a water heater to the room) for coffee/milo/tea. I provided the mattress - yes, I lugged a mattress to the room, so that we can rest from the intensive study. Leecher was in charge of booking the room by staying overnight in the room (so the mattress was mainly for him to sleep on, lol) I missed those days! Not forgetting Kenneth's cute fren who will always pack supper for us, heehee!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Graduation Day 2006

25th July 2006 - Convocation Day! Looking through old pictures brought nostalgic feelings in me :) As footprints was set up in 2007, so we decided to bring our readers down memory lane.

After 3 years of mugging, we finally graduated! Arrived on campus bright & early to get ready for the ceremony. It felt like going back to Hogwarts (minus all the enchanted feel of the castle) in our "Gryffindor" robes, lol.

With our parents, who met each other for the 1st time during our convo :)

After the ceremony with less than 20 secs of fame as you proceed onstage to collect the cert, we proceed to the open area for more picture taking.

It's amazing how I can still rem the day so clearly even till now. Perhaps, it was due to the hard work finally paid off. Perhaps, it was a day which marked the end of schooling. Perhaps, it was the day which I bid farewell to some of my friends as we embarked on different journeys in life. Perhaps, it was when new friendships are forged. Perhaps .....

3 years of undergrad studies in NBS, I have officially moved onto the ranks of alumni.

What's a convocation without taking pictures with friends?

Pri School buddies - Yuxin & Ivan.

Leecher's buddy, Huaiqin.

With Zhiguang

Kaijie! He was my Senior in BP while I became his Senior in NBS :)

Adeline & Yuxin. Adeline will be staying 2 blocks away from me as I moved across the island.

Qianhui & Nijun. I picked up Qian's gown while she was away in the States. We had to rely on emails to communicate with each other with a time difference of 13 hours. Not forgetting to thank Fling for the lovely flower! I still had it on my dressing table :)

Liyao, who now works in the same company as Leecher.

Zhirong, my 1st yr marketing project mate.

Adeline & Rebecca. Rebecca & I had to endure the 830 tutorial slot for the accounting module which I totally detest (both the subject and the tutor)

Huijuan, my FYP mate.

Lucinda - the colleague that I did not know I had until I stepped foot into the office.

Leecher's FYP mate, Celine.

With Olivia.

FMQ! So different yet so familiar.

With Hanbin. Where's Yaozu? Hmm....

Leecher with Daniel.

With Jiongting.

With Sharon.

Leecher with Charissa.

Group picture with the rest of the NBS group.

Uni gang - with Eileen, Dean, Cuiru & Steven missing.

With dear Khim Khim, my fave to-disturb-and-be-disturbed-partner.

Kenneth dearest! Been a while since our last meetup!

With shopping kaki, Shuhui.

Ivor who joined the forces to protect our homeland.

Sneaking a moment of private time .....

only to be disturbed by khim khim, lol.

Finally, a grand picture taking with the graduates who were still hanging around :)
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