Friday, April 15, 2011

Wedding Show @ Holiday Inn Atrium

Guess where we are heading to this time?

The usual wait @ the bus stop :)

We were invited to attend the wedding show @ Holiday Inn Atrium.

The prime location of Holiday Inn Atrium is one of the best selling points. Just 5 mins walk to Zouk (great for wedding after parties!) and 15 mins to Clarke Quay & Boat Quay. Not to mention that they provide complimentary shuttle services to Chinatown & Orchard Road.

Our wedding guide, which lists down the wedding packages for Yr 2010 & 2011.

There were several themes to choose from:

Red Ardor

Ignite your passion with our Red Ardor Theme. Decorated with red candles, flower petals and exquisite tablecloths, this theme is designed to set hearts aflame to create the perfect ambience for your wedding.

Lavender Dream
Feel the romance and love in the air the moment you step into this purple-themed room. Adding to the magical atmosphere are purple candles placed on exquisite centerpieces that bask the whole room in their warm, soft glow.

Dreaming of a romantic wedding in the garden? Make your dream come true with this enchanting theme in a relaxed and light-hearted celebration amidst luxurious foliage, blooming flowers and charming bird cages.

Gifts for friends & families! Lots of varieties to choose from. I'll always look forward to the gifts on my seat @ wedding dinners. The best one I've received so far was from Orchard Hotel :)

Food for tasting! Love the lil mochi :)

Despite the invitation, we didn't sign up with this hotel (due to several reasons) in the end.

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