Monday, June 13, 2016

Melbourne 2015: 8 essential items for your road trip in Melbourne

Now that we are back in Singapore, I'm missing the weather in Australia. No doubt that it was chilly, it was way better than Singapore. Last year, we had fun driving down the scenic Great Ocean Drive route, stopping at certain points to admire the vast coastline. We then crossed over to Yarra Valley and drank to our hearts' content. Having survived our 1st solo road trip in Melbourne, here is my pick on the top 8 essential items:
1. Trusty and Reliable Car
Leecher gets to select the car since he'll be the one behind the wheels. For this trip, he chose a SUV - huge, comfortable and stable. We had so much space to ourselves, dumping stuff on the back seats. Most importantly, Leecher wanted to have a feel on driving a SUV and the best way to test-drive this? 8 days of road-trip! 
2. Music List
A good road trip music list which consists of the songs that you can sing along to! We tried to go local and tune in to Kiss FM(101.9) but got tired of the songs. With our data card, we tuned in to internet radio of YES933 and Kiss 92 for a mix of Chinese and English songs. We also got our K-pop dosage from my iTunes list.
3. Shades & Sunscreen
The sun in Australia is really no joke. Be sure to slap on sunscreen and wear your shades for extra protection. Furthermore, you'll look like a fasionista when taking pictures too! 
4. Drinks & Snacks
Stocking up on drink/snacks is a must to curb your hunger pangs during the long drive. I found my favourite indulge at Coles supermart - this is absolutely yummy! 
5. Data Card
Definitely a must in today's world. We depended on the card for playing the internet radio, keeping in touch with families/friends and not forgetting navigation for the drive. A tip: always download the respective telco app on your device to check data usage/allowance. We paid for 4GB but was only given 1GB. Thankfully, the kind SA helped to resolve the problem and we were credited with our allowance. 
6. Overnight Bag
We were shifting accommodation almost every other day. Hence, we opted for overnight bags to contain our clothings/essentials for the night(s) instead of lugging our luggages up and down the car. 
7. Wet Wipes
 To give your hands a clean wipe before/after eating.
8. Mini Trash Bags
We exercised basic courtesy so all rubbish went into the thrash bags then into the bins. 

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