Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016, in a heartbeat!

Over the years, I have reduced my updates on social media. However, I won't miss the usual tradition of wrapping up the year with a simple post. I'm thankful for a pleasant year, be it at work or with family :) 

I started the year with a self-imposed shopping ban for 3 months. Leecher was extremely supportive of this, especially when the wardrobe was filled to the brim and he complained that I was invading into his closet space. The first few weeks was extremely bad, I would spend my time surfing shopping websites and adding stuff to my cart. The urge to cart out was so strong that I muster a lot of will power to stop surfing online shops. Soon, time passed and the urge to shop got lesser and lesser. Before I know it, I have not bought anything for 6 months. Achievement unlocked! Well, I didn't go on a crazy shopping spree after that apart from getting the essentials for the house and stocking up on skincare stuff during our Korea trip. 

Instead of our usual winter holidays, we opted to head back to Korea for autumn. Little bro also gave me my first ever birthday angpao, together with a ramen pot that he bought from Korea. My lil brother is all grown up now. He also made it a point to be at home whenever I head home for dinner, so we can have a family meal together and catch up. Thank you for that :)

We have also reached our 5th year of marriage. I'm thankful that you are always by my side, where our fave activity is hanging out in our comfy sofa watching K-drama. Well, I think I can see the side-effect on your waistline, so perhaps we should adopt a more active lifestyle in the new year?

Even though 3y has passed, I still miss baby bro a lot. I think of him from time to time and I still get teary whenever his name is mentioned. I love you, baby bro.

As we embrace a new year, here's wishing everyone a happy 2017! 

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